Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Two Americas or Two Edwards?

Brad Warthen writes for The State and also has his own blog. He's someone on the left I read because he seems like a real no nonsense kind of guy... This is from his profile:

"This is not yet another blog to cater to the pathologies of the Democratic and Republican partisans. Here, we're gonna shove the ideologues of left and right out of our way (there are plenty of other blogs out there for them), and talk about pragmatic ways to do stuff that truly needs doing in South Carolina, the nation and the world..."

I like that. His name may sound familiar because he's gotten some pretty heavy coverage for an article he wrote about John Edwards: "Why I see john Edwards as a Big Phony". So refreshingly honest. I so agree. I didn't want Howard Dean to be President, but I thought he was genuine. I don't like some of Lieberman's social views, but I think he's for real. Edwards, not at all.

Here's a tease, but you have to read this OpEd -especially those Edwards fans out there (This is from one of your own):

"SEVERAL MONTHS ago, I observed on my blog that I think John Edwards is a phony -- a make-believe Man of The People.

It’s not so much that he’s lying when he says he wants to help One America -– the Deserving Poor, whom he wants to vote for him -– get what it has coming to it from the Other America (that of the Really Rich, to which he disarmingly admits he belongs).

He’s a pro at this, and at some point, pros can’t be liars. On some level, they have to believe in themselves, whether it’s stepping to the plate to beat the home run record or striding to the podium to drip pure, sincere concern upon the people. Mr. Edwards has a sufficiently plausible background story to convince himself that he is, deep-down, that dirt-poor, mill-town child he invokes in his personal anecdotes. So he is persuaded, even if I am not.

Sigh. So I guess I’d better “put up” and explain why I called him, on Feb. 8 on my blog, “one of the phoniest faux populists ever to get his name in the papers.” The impression is mainly the result of three encounters..." (Read the entire article)

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