Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Starting to Feel Bad for Giuliani...

While Fred Thompson has an ex-wife and ex-girlfriends that are vowing to campaign for him, Giuliani’s daughter joined "One Million Strong for Barack" according to her "Facebook" profile. (source)

First his 21 year old son, then the wrath of the NYC firefighters and now his 17 year old daughter. That's rough. Then again, three marriages have got to be pretty rough on the various kids...

The awesome John Hawkins over at Right Wing News did a poll of "right of center bloggers" and had us list our MOST desired and LEAST desired '08 GOP nominees in order. The results are in:

Most Desired:

3) Duncan Hunter (60.0)
2) Rudy Giuliani (70.0)
1) Fred Thompson (86.5)

Least Desired:

3) Sam Brownback (56.0)
2) John McCain (61.0)
1) Ron Paul (87.0)

Net Score:
3) Rudy Giuliani (49.5)
2) Duncan Hunter (50.5)
1) Fred Thompson (80.5)

Go over to Right Wing News to see the entire lists and all the bloggers that participated!

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