Friday, August 24, 2007

Socialized Medicine

Isn't it amazing that the same people that lambaste every single thing the government does and blames events like 9/11, Katrina and anthrax on the government are the same ones calling for national healthcare. They scream about Walter Reed and then ask for the same care. The government can't do anything right, why would you want them handling your healthcare? Welfare recipients get about 24 CENTS on the dollar. 76 CENTS per dollar on administrative costs?! And you want them managing your health?

Here's a great series using stories from countries that do indeed have socialized medicine to elucidate the point:

"...We don't want to make light of the mother's suffering. It was enough that she had to give birth in the "lavatory of a flagship hospital because there were no trained midwives available," the Daily Mail reports.

But the fact her premature son "died in her arms minutes" after she had to give birth with only her mother to assist speaks volumes. "I still can't believe the hospital had no trained staff who could help me," Catherine Brown said.

Had this happened in a U.S. hospital, Michael Moore would have played it up in his film "Sicko." More proof, Moore would have huffed, that uncaring corporations and the free market that lets them run wild were ruining health care in this country.

But the mother who was "forced to give birth alone in toilet of 'flagship' NHS hospital" — the Daily Mail, again — was in Queen's Hospital, a new facility that opened in December in Romford, Essex. That's England, Michael, not Massachusetts.

Looking for a solution when they don't even understand the problem, Moore and most Democrats want to force Americans into a socialist health care system. They urge the U.S. to copy the British, the Canadian or even the Cuban system — any arrangement that compels everyone to be a part of a universal plan, strips choice and insulates users from the directs costs of treatment..." (Read the whole piece)

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