Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Rage Against the Towel Warmer

One of the most common emails I get is someone admonishing me for the music I listen to. ["How can you listen to Dave Matthews/Rage Against the Machine/The Beastie Boys/Bob Marley and be a Republican?! They would HATE you and everything you stand for!!"] (So, if you are one of the 3-5 people a week that send me this email...try to be a tad more original next time).

I could care less if any of these artists would love me or hate me. Would that ever really be an issue? I don't see me running into Bob any time soon...

I was driving around yesterday listening to Rage at the highest volume my speakers would handle and thinking about the lyrics. What the hell is rich boy raging against? His towel warmers weren't working that morning? He's no more "down" than I am. It is possible to despise what someone (pretends) to stand for, and still love their music. So to all the creative, witty emailers: Truthfully if I ever met Zack (or Dave for that matter) I'm sure I'd hate him a lot more than he'd hate me...

"...Although Rage were performing hits from years ago, their militant sensibilities still hold true today. De la Rocha addressed the crowd, telling them not to believe what they may have seen and heard on "fascist" television station Fox News. He said his group was wrongly quoted as saying they think the president should be assassinated.

"Nah," he said. "What we said was he should be brought to trial as a war criminal and hung. That's what we said.

"This system has become so brutal and cruel it needs to profit from wars so it could survive as a world power," he added.

He urged American citizens to stand up to the government "with the same force the Iraqi youth are fighting with every day and bring these mutha----ers to their knees. Wake up! Wake up!"

After dropping the mic and leaving the stage with the band, Zack and the rest of Rage returned for the closer, "Killing in the Name." (source)

Yeah, alright rich boy...If you're Raging Against the Machine so much why are you signed to a record label? Why not release your songs online? Why do I read this stuff, now I’m going to have trouble listening to that CD again --and I love that CD.

(pictured: Zack testifying in front of the UN about America's "mistreatment" of Mumia Abu-Jamal)

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