Monday, August 20, 2007

Parenting Licenses

I know, I know... I totally believe in the smallest government possible, but in the three years I've been writing this blog I have been forced to endure more than my share of stories that just beg for some sort of parenting license (or mandatory sterilization).

Now, this story isn't even comparable to the Kelsey Briggs story or the woman that put her newborn in the microwave...but it will produce a messed up kid nonetheless.

"A soon-to-be father will be regretting a Facebook pledge that could force him to name his child Spider Pig.

Oli Young put an appeal on his page saying that if 100,000 people sign up then his wife will let him choose the wacky name.

Father-to-be Oli YoungSo far Oli has got 85,000 names - a figure that is growing rapidly.

Some have backed his choice of name, while others described it as "irresponsible parenting".

Claire Williams, from London, wrote: "That kid will turn into a superhero if he survives the bullying!" Another reader said: "Please don't ruin your kid's life!" (source)

I think this is the page. It implies the kid was born and the birth certificate posted... I guess Matt Groening is slamming his head against a wall somewhere.

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