Tuesday, August 21, 2007

GenCon Trade Show

Over almost the past week I have been in attendance at the GenCon trade show for one of my clients in the gaming industry. When the word “gaming” is used here, it refers to such pursuits as D&D, Heroscape, World of Warcraft or any other game that appeals to a functional adult who still lives in their mother’s basement.

I was an outsider in this world, but my laptop and i-phone put the natives at ease. I gained full acceptance to the tribe when I put on the “Starfleet Officers do it in a Wormhole” T-shirt that was offered to me.

These creatures seemed to spend their day playing games and feeding on Hostess King Dongs, and day old Cheez-its. The tribe had no designated "Silverback", but rather the position of leadership rotated with whatever person was deemed the "DungeonMaster". There are no grooming rituals to document seeing none were witnessed. After a few days of convention activity, it became obvious that showers were not very high on the priority list for many of those in the tribe.

After five days it was time for me to leave, but I shall miss them, my “Geeks in the Mist”.

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