Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Outing" or Gloating?

I'm confused. There is all this talk in the right'o'sphere about Senator Larry Craig being "outed" and how wrong that is...

As far as I can tell the Senator outed himself by soliciting sex in a public bathroom. Once that's public an "outing" seems a bit after-the-fact wouldn't you say?

Some of my fellow right-wing bloggers are also acting outraged that this is being talked about. For real? Like if Robert KKK Byrd was caught trying to get it on in an airport bathroom we wouldn't be having a field day with it? I know I would.

Look, I believe the "outing" of a “regular” person is wrong, but if I were an activist and saw first-hand political hypocrisy...I would consider it fair game too.

And like I said, arrest records are public. Senator Craig seems to have outed himself when he decided he wanted to cheat on his wife in a scummy men's restroom with a plain clothes cop and got arrested for it. Let's not fall into a leftist mindset and defend this guy and act like we wouldn't be gloating if the situation was reversed...

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