Friday, August 03, 2007

Organ Shenanigans

"...A San Francisco transplant surgeon was charged Monday with prescribing overdoses of medication to speed up the death of a man at a San Luis Obispo hospital and harvest his organs.

Dr. Hootan Roozrokh, 33, prescribed excessive amounts of morphine and Ativan and injected the topical antiseptic Betadine into Ruben Navarro's stomach in February 2006, prosecutors in San Luis Obispo County said. Navarro, 26, who was severely disabled mentally and physically, had suffered respiratory and cardiac arrest and had been taken off life support, authorities said.

In order for doctors to harvest organs, a patient must be declared dead within 30 minutes of being taken off life support. Navarro, however, died eight hours after being removed from a respirator and his organs were never recovered." (source)

I am a huge believer in organ donation. Being 100% honest, I think people that won't do it are incredibly selfish. I even had a friend that wouldn't consider the possibility of donating organs from himself or his children, but freely admitted he'd take organs in needed. Argh! I digress... Anyway, despite my firm commitment to sharing the love, my driver's license no longer says "Organ Donor" and that recommendation was made to me by a transplant surgeon. Now, The Man doesn't believe in organ donation, so I have to trust that he will adhere to my post-mortem wishes... (And I to his though I'd feel like a complete cad should some doctor come and present me with some dire situation...)

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