Thursday, August 09, 2007

No Troops for You!

Anybody who still thinks liberals have anything but contempt for our military probably also believes that a Vegan diet and cigarette burns are both essential elements to a “tough love” approach towards raising children. The fact is that the same people who support the rights of NAMBLA members to take the words “child rearing” into very disturbing directions, believe it is their constitutional right to undercut our military by a strategy of starving them out.

For the past few years liberals have been attacking the recruiting efforts of our military on campuses of public Universities. For example, in February of 2005, hundreds of anti-war liberals at Seattle Central Community College, surrounded a pair of Army recruiters an hurled insults and objects at them until security had to escort the pair off of campus. In most cases the most inexperienced member of the military is more than a match for 15 average liberals; lets face it, a diet of soy bean curd combined with the sort of courage that leaves most of them doubled over in fear when confronted by anything more aggressive then a wiener dog, doesn’t make your average college liberal a very formidable foe. When they bravely assaulted these two unarmed recruiters the odds were over 100 to 1. This would be a daunting task for most of our guys in uniform.

In an effort to validate their actions, they attempted to claim that barring the military from a public, tax supported college was their first amendment right.

Anti-war leftists have taken their fight to hinder the ability of the military to sustain its numbers all the way to the Supreme Court. Fortunately we are now dealing with a court that does not see its mission as engineering social change with the bang of a gavel. On March 8th, 2006 they sided with the military, and recruitment on college campuses may continue.

This is not the end of it for the liberals who express their love for our folks in uniform by burning soldiers in effigy and protesting them with signs that state “Fuck the Troops!” A simple internet search will turn up multiple sites and groups who are still actively trying to deny our military reinforcements by turning off the spigot of new recruits.

Liberals handled their defeat in court with the same dignity and restraint that O.J. Simpson displayed in dealing with his divorce from Nicole Brown. Some in the “tolerant peace activist” community decided to test the limits of the first amendment by trashing a military recruitment office in the name of love, patriotism and free speech. At least the majority haven’t yet given into a fantasy that many liberals harbor in the cockles of their tolerant little hearts and openly tried to murder a serviceman in the same manner that anti-war liberal Matthew Marren attempted. At least he had the decency to shoot himself after critically wounding the Air Force airman and spared us a trial where he would have undoubtedly blamed Bush for his actions.

Liberals can’t stop the war, even with a Congressional majority. At present they can’t even use their allies in the media to hide the fact that the military is succeeding in Iraq. As the frustration mounts, they will continue their attempts to starve the military out by denying them new recruits, but don’t dare question their patriotism. That’s just mean spirited.

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