Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No More "Marriage" on the Left Coast?

"...In legal briefs submitted to the California Supreme Court regarding same-sex marriage, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Jerry Brown both stated that a future legislature could abolish marriage and remove the rights now enjoyed by a husband and wife, a pro-family group charged on Monday.

In Brown's document, filed on Aug. 17, the attorney general stated that "the words 'marry' and 'marriage' have no essential constitutional significance under the California Constitution. Thus, the legislature could change the name of the legal relationship now known as 'marriage' to some other name without any constitutional impediment."

Schwarzenegger filed a brief of his own that day, which said "the administration submits that use of the words 'marry' and 'marriage' is not required by the California Constitution. Thus, the name of the legal relationship now known as 'marriage' could be changed."

Regarding whether rights for a husband and wife can be eliminated by the California legislature, Schwarzenegger wrote that "except for the ability to choose and declare one's life partner in a reciprocal commitment of mutual support, any of the statutory rights and obligations that are afforded to married couples in California could be abrogated or eliminated by the legislature or the electorate for any rational legislative purpose." (source)

So...civil unions for all or no marital rights for anyone? Even after reading this, I'm not quite sure .
What I am sure of is that this country must really be going off the deep end if a less then five percent minority can take away the rights of the majority with the use of incessant whining alone... As you know, I’m all for Civil Unions for everyone and ‘marriage’ for those that want the religious aspect. But when people start taking away other’s rights to secure their own I draw the line. Just because I want more money doesn't mean I'd wish poverty on everyone else. This is the result of activism in its most self-centered state. If they can't have it, no one else can either? Way to warm people to the cause...

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