Thursday, August 23, 2007

More on the Bad, Evil American Armed Forces

While the innocent civilians of Iraq are grabbing pre-schoolers and setting them ablaze...This is what those evil occupiers are up too. What will those maniacal marines think of next?

"Today is a great day, not only for the Iraqi police, but for all of Hadithah. We will never forget what our Marine brothers have done to make this possible." -Lt. Col. Mazher Hasan Khazal, Hadithah police chief

"...More than 200 local children gathered at the police station for a chance to play soccer with their police officers. The police and children were equally excited for the day’s festivities.

The Youth Soccer Day was a testament to the successful counter-insurgency campaign 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines, is conducting in the Hadithah Triad. The Iraqi police have played a large role in the city’s stability. The force is a lot larger, more professional, and the people of Hadithah readily accept them. It is a sign of hope that the situation here has turned the right corner..." (source)

Damn them, hosting Youth Soccer days! The left'o'sphere was right...the US is evil!

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