Friday, August 24, 2007

Man Wins Reverse Racism Lawsuit

"...Mark Pasternak said he lost his state job helping troubled youths because he couldn’t stand working under a black boss who called him racist names like “cracker,” “polack” and “stupid white boy.”

Pasternak was dismissed from his position as a youth worker with the state Office of Children and Family Services in 1999. But today, he feels some relief and vindication.

After a rare reverse racial discrimination trial in Buffalo’s federal court, a jury Tuesday awarded Pasternak $150,000. Jurors found that his former boss, Tommy E. Baines, discriminated against him racially and created a hostile working environment.

Federal court officials said they could not recall any reverse discrimination case in Buffalo resulting in a larger monetary verdict. Most such cases wind up being settled or dismissed before they ever go to trial..." (source)

My mom and I once went into a Popeye's Chicken in a predominantly Black neighborhood. The counter girls refused to wait in us. It was so overt that after the manager asked them to wait in us twice and they continued to refuse, he had to come take our order himself. I was pretty pissed about that as I am not a racist person. I've never understood the whole Black-White thing in modern times. Who cares? If you're cool to me I like you, if you're an ass I don't...regardless of your skin color. Now, if you’re kneeling to Mecca...that's a whole different scenario.

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