Monday, August 27, 2007

Hot Car Deaths

I REALLY don't want to ignite the Mommy Wars...really. But this week as I watched the stories of the 7 month old, the 5 month old and the 2 year old girl that were all left in hot cars by frazzled parents (all three died)... I couldn't help but think that in all these stories of this happening, it's always been two working parents.

Trust me, I understand the need for two incomes, but I often wonder about women that can't even sacrifice a year or two to be home with their infants. If you're frazzled enough to forget your baby is in the backseat, how are you possibly performing as a good parent? What job is important enough to hand over your six week old to a stranger? I wonder if these parents think keeping their careers was worth the high price they paid... I'll never get it.

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