Thursday, August 02, 2007

Guest Post by Stalking Cat

Americans Cannot See Past Their Noses
by Stalking Cat

"Americans cannot see past their noses. Want proof? Ask half the poeple in the street in the United States what country borders the USA to the north and you will probably get a dumb look.

Dan Akroyd, Jim Carry, Rick Mercer and Mike Meyers revel in the ignorance of the country Americans forget about but they were born in.

John Candy, a Canadian, made a movie, Canadian Bacon, which Americans thought was poking fun at Canadians, but - HAHAHAHA!!! YOU YANKS MISSED MOST OF THE JOKES!!!

It bugs me. I have satellite TV and regularly watch US based news channels, and when the weather is on, NOBODY could guess the blank space to the north of the good old US of A was actually the second largest country in the world, the largest oil
supplier to the USA, and the United States largest trading partner. It is about time we got some respect.

I could go on and on about American bull shit, but I want to focus on something people, including all Canucks & Yankees (Yes to us Canucks - that also includes Southerners, you are ALL the same - Yanks, loud & arrogant, especially in a tourist sense) are endeared to - War.

Canada has put forward a significant contribution to the war on terror in Afghanistan. This country has realized it is a war worth fighting and we are fighting it - alone it seems. The USA has done their duty in Afghanistan - nobody disputes this - and the American presence there is wanted and needed. The problem is lying with other NATO countries who are trying to ignore Afghanistan in hopes it will go away. Well, it will not.

As usual, Canada takes up the slack with minimal forces. There are only 35 Million people in Canada, with a small army, but we promised to do a job, and by golly, WE ARE DOING IT!!! Kinda takes you back to the Boer War where Canada sent a volunteer army. In WWI, Canada actually was involved for the full term from 1914 - 1918 and this was repeated again from 1939 - 1945.

You Americans are not the only ones fighting terror. There are others such as Canada, and doing a damned good job at it. It is about time you Yanks acknowledged it."

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