Thursday, August 02, 2007

Guest Post by Busta

((Even my 8 year old wants in on the guest posting here's the debut of the next generation of Bloggers -Busta J. The entire post was written by him and the picture was taken by him and his brother.))

"Brushie Hell"

Don’t believe the commercials: Brushie Land is not a happy and fun place!

Ok, I went to Brushie Land to get my cavity checked...that's when the story starts.

I went into "Brushie’s Room" (Brushie is a really scary clown with a toothbrush) and sat in a giant blue chair and waited for the nurse. She came in and talked to me. Then she covered my eyes and said she would get a "sleepy juice sprayer". First lie, she meant to say...GIANT NEEDLE!!!

Then she took the needle and stuck it in my gums! Blood dripped down my mouth.

I thought it couldn’t get any worse... until the Doctor showed up!
Right when he walked in he said he was just going to "wiggle" my tooth...


He took pliers and cracked my tooth.
I said “OUCH!”
So he took the needle back out.
I said “Not Again!”
Then he took the pliers back out and ripped my tooth right out of my jaw!

Blood was dripping everywhere! Then they wiped it up so they wouldn’t leave evidence. I was in pain and they were talking about cell phones. Then, I fainted!

They had to let me rest in the room until I felt better, and then I got free grape juice! Finally I walked out of the room. My Mom and Pop Pop had to carry me to the car. I laid there on the back seat and my mom ran into a little deli to get me some grape soda to raise my blood sugar. Then we drove back home and I fell asleep.

The moral of the story is commercials lie.

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