Thursday, August 16, 2007

Giuliani: Tough or Just Talk?

"...Mayor Giuliani's attempt to recast himself as a strong opponent of illegal immigration is being met with skepticism from those on both sides of the immigration debate.

Mr. Giuliani gave a speech in the early primary state of South Carolina yesterday that seemed to respond to criticism from his one of his Republican rivals, Mitt Romney, who has generated headlines in the last week for painting Mr. Giuliani as lax on illegal immigration. But the former mayor, who had a reputation for his pro-immigrant policies in New York, does not seem to be winning over advocates for stronger immigration regulations or for those who think more visas are needed.

"It sounds like an effort by Giuliani to make himself seem like a hawk on immigration when, in fact, he's been a dove all along," the executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, Mark Krikorian, said..." (Read the entire article)

People have been talking about Giuliani’s lax stance on illegal immigration (and his pro-illegal policies in NYC) for months... It's one of the main strikes against him with many conservatives I know.

Yet, now he's finally realizing this isn't what the people (especially those in his own party) want in a candidate. As I have said 6,257 times before, this isn't about race or the legal immigration process. This is about unsecured borders when we are in the throws of a war. A war in which the enemy has explicitly stated that they will use our weak borders to carry out attacks on our soil.

Giuliani’s problem is that he's getting tough to late and it's going to be hard to believe this isn't just pandering to the base he needs to get the nomination...

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