Sunday, August 26, 2007

From the Blogroll...

  • Jay at Stop the ACLU alerts us to a post over at HuffPo that basically calls for our military to revolt and place Bush under military arrest. The HuffPo piece is presented as an Open Letter to General Peter Pace...and the author is a Brit:

    "I understand that it would not be an action to undertake lightly.

    In all your 39 years of service you have shown total loyalty to the chain of command.

    However, given the current imperilment of US troops, and the "Conduct Unbecoming Of An Officer And A Gentleman" of this President - you have a greater responsibility to your nation, your code of honor and to the US Constitution.

    I wish you well as you prepare to undertake the most heroic action of your distinguished career.

    General Pace - please save the US."

  • Noel at Newsbusters has a story posted about a "Modern Day 'Saving Private Ryan'".

  • Frank J. at IMAO posted about those sexist monkeys in Kenya. Did you read about this? These monkeys are eating all the crops, but the "save the pin-footed ant" people won't let them kill or relocate the offending primates. Never mind that there are ACTUAL PEOPLE starving... If you haven't read about this, you really must.

  • From the left'o'sphere (cause you should always know what the other side is thinking) Honest Partisan has an interesting take on the role of terror/al Qaeda in the 2008 campaign/election.

  • Robbie over at Urban Grounds posted about Elvira Arellano and the "breaking up families" argument from the pro-illegals crowd.

  • Captain America over at First In ruined my weekend by posting that Janeane Garofalo will be playing a new character on this season's "24". Can't we have ONE stinking show that isn't polluted with liberal Hollywood windbags?! Well, considering producer Joel Surnow has Ann Coulter, Rush and Laura Ingraham hanging on the would be fun to see Garafalo have to be civil.
    Wyatt Erp (who writes for Blogs 4 Bauer) weighed in too. (He also has a funny story about someone that said no to a "jumbo screen" marriage proposal. Ooops)
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