Friday, August 10, 2007

Frivolous Lawsuit #1,426,794

Leroy Greer, a man from Missouri City, is suing 1-800-FLOWERS for blowing the cover on his extra-marital affair.

"Leroy Greer, a luxury car sales manager, filed a lawsuit this week in Houston federal court asking that the florist pay for his mental anguish and for the increased amount he figures he'll eventually pay in his ongoing Fort Bend County divorce because the company faxed his wife evidence against him.

Greer complains the florist breached the contract made when he called and ordered long-stemmed roses and a stuffed animal for his girlfriend. He says the florist broke its own privacy policy and specific promises made when he ordered and asked nothing be sent to his home.

The company said it will not comment on the lawsuit but also said it will not take responsibility "for an individual's personal conduct."

His conduct isn't the issue, said one of Greer's attorneys, Tara N. Long. "Our client is not saying the circumstances of his relationship are not his fault," she said.

But Long said harmed Greer, who alleges what had been an amicable divorce case bloomed into a hellish fight and he could lose more money because his wife now has written proof of his relationship with another woman." (source)

This wouldn't even matter here in PA where every divorce is a "no fault" divorce. Needless to say, Leroy would be better served without me on his jury...

...And come to think of it, I think that might just warrant 1-800-FLOWERS a complimentary link from me:

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