Monday, August 27, 2007

"Female Circumcision" Now Just A "Cultural Difference"?!

For years I have been asking where the feminists are when it comes to the affront to woman that is Islam. Where are the voices of outrage? Where is academia's voice calling for the human rights of women is Islamic countries?

Not only are these formerly shrill voices silent...THIS is were they choose to be "more tolerant" of human rights violations. Not at GITMO were the "victims" are confirmed US troop killers, but when it comes to young, innocent girls. They should be ashamed.

"...Academia's fixation on cultural sensitivity is changing the debate around female genital mutilation, with a growing number of professors and women's rights activists becoming hesitant to condemn the practice.

Where feminists rallied against the operation from the pages of Ms. magazine in the 1970s, today's critics are infinitely more cautious, with most suggesting that the Western world butt out until Muslim African communities are ready to reconsider what they are doing to their daughters.

The shift in attitudes about the practice-- which in the worst of cases involves the carving out of a woman's clitoris and inner labia and can cause lifelong urinary tract infections, sterility and even death -- comes at a time when high-profile victims of the operation such as writer Ayaan Hirsi Ali and model Waris Dirie, both Somalis, have launched very public campaigns against the practice..." (Read the entire article)

Of course, I'm not really sure how Americans that believe in this same practice with their boys can really condemn this...but that's a whole different post...

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