Friday, August 17, 2007

DNC: The New Party of "the Rich"

Dems can't play the "working man's party" card anymore or demonize the GOP as the "rich white man's party", well, I guess they can if they don't mind misleading the American public. <-Can you believe I just typed that with a straight face?

"Democrats seeking the White House have received more than four times as much money from some of the nation's wealthiest enclaves as they did four years ago, an analysis of campaign-finance records shows.

The major Democratic presidential candidates have raised nearly $32 million from the 50 ZIP codes that were the top sources of campaign money in the first six months of the year, the nonprofit Center for Responsive Politics found.

The analysis for USA TODAY shows that Democrats are the top recipients in 43 of the 50 postal codes. Either New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton or Illinois Sen. Barack Obama is the top recipient in 38 areas.

The trend in giving from such upscale areas as Greenwich, Conn., is another sign of the financial advantage for the 2008 election enjoyed by Democrats, who have outraised Republican counterparts by nearly $60 million..." (source)

So it would seem that the DNC is the party of the rich and Conservatives are the hard working middle class...

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