Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dirty Business about Clean Feet

Most folks may or may not know this, but the University of Michigan will be using public funds to install foot washing stations in the bathrooms of two or their campuses. The purpose behind this move is to make it easier for Muslim students to follow the dictates of Mohammed and wash their feet before prayer.

Seeing as this is a public University using public funds to install something for a religious use, I think this violates the separation of church and state that Christians are annually beaten about the head with when they utter the words “Merry Christmas” anywhere near public land.

The argument for the footbath is that it is unsafe and unsanitary for Muslims to wash their feet in the public sinks. Considering the fact that Aquafina has recently admitted that they have actually been selling us tap water for years, I do not understand why the college cannot simply designate the public sinks a “foot free zone”, install some vending machines that sell bottled water, and let the Muslim students work the complicated details out for themselves. The college would even make money as the vending machine sales of water sky rockets. Instead they opted to soak the tax payers and make them pay for somebody else’s dogamatic rituals.

For the moment we will ignore my opinion that Muslims may as well be praying to Sponge Bob. In the cosmic scheme of things, how clean their feet were will probably be the least of their problems when the afterlife takes them by complete surprise. The problem here is the tax dollars being used by a college who has in the past used the “Separation of Church and State” argument against Christians.

Right now they are trying to sell the foot baths as something that will benefit all students and visitors alike and is completely in line with the societal pluralism they are trying to promote. Seeing as this is something that is for general use, I wonder if they would have a problem if I used the foot bath when the stalls are all full, or walked my pet pig Wilbur on to the campus and used the public facility to give him a little bath?

I have been corresponding with somebody at the college who seems to getting increasingly annoyed. In my last email to him I have offered to arrange for the financing of an artistically designed cross that will stand in their campus. As a work of art, all the students and visitors may enjoy it, and it will serve as an object of inspiration for the thousands of students who are Catholic or Christians. These students may sit and quietly pray on the stone benches that will be situated around it. The University should not have a problem with this on their public facility unless Catholics and Christians do not figure into their “pluralist society”.

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