Sunday, August 05, 2007

Apologies and a Huge Sigh of Relief...

I want to apologize to everyone for not posting that I was going to be on Fox News Channel yesterday night. Though I know I wouldn't have been asked there were it not for all of was going to be my first (voluntary) TV appearance and I was worried I would freeze up (or worse).

Which I did. Only for a minute though. I was expecting the other guest (David Drucker of Roll Call Magazine) to be opposing my view on the Juan and Alex Gomez debate, but he came right out of the gate saying what I was going to say... That really threw me off.

The experience itself was surreal. I have to say that FNC rules for sending a car to pick me up, for having a wonderful hair and makeup woman there waiting (even though my boys thought I "looked weird" with all that makeup on), and for letting The Man come along for moral support. Talking to a camera is pretty awkward, but I am really glad that I was given a chance to experience it all.

I have to say THANK YOU to Lara at Chick Chat for recommending me!!! Thanks to Liz for watching the boys and I also wanted to thank Captain America from First In for the VERY nice post he wrote (and to his first commenter under it that can't comment here because of the Haloscan).

And, if they ever ask me back, I promise to tell you all in advance.

(Can someone that knows about TV tell me (just out of curiosity) why my eyes looked brown?)

Update: I got slammed over at News Hounds (you know how those liberal chicks become completely disarmed by a bit of cleavage), so I guess "I've arrived"?

This is what I found most amusing about the post (my emphasis):
"If the Big Story wants to interview somebody with one name, how bout Borat? At least he’d be amusing.

Guest blogged by Priscilla"

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