Wednesday, August 29, 2007

100 Things...

Many Bloggers have done this and I always enjoy reading through them... I wanted to see if I could actually think of 100 things to tell... Try it; it's much harder to do than you might think. The photo has absolutely nothing to do with the post (unless #101 is 'I know many uses for chopsticks').

1) I was an only child for 6 years and then the oldest of 5 by the time I was 10.
2) I have broken fingers and toes, but never a major bone.
3) I have never had a cavity or braces.
4) My mom says that throughout elementary school, the prettier my teacher the better my grades.
5) I got MIP the first year I played field hockey and MVP the next.
6) I played catcher (and sometimes first base) in softball.
7) I was a cheerleader all four years of high school.
8) I got a scholarship to a top art school and passed it up for a boyfriend.
9) I could have gone to Uganda for 6 weeks with my dad and passed it up for a boyfriend.
10) My first job was hostess at Friendly's.
11) My favorite car is a '65 convertible GTO.
12) I have always wanted a Custom Softail.
13) My first car was a 1978 VW Rabbit.
14) I filled out the voter's registration paperwork before I turned 18 to ensure they processed it as soon as possible.
15) I cut everyone in my family's hair.
16) I can knit blankets and scarves, but nothing else.
17) I have a children's book that I wrote and illustrated.
18) At 21 I had a tumor removed from my right breast and now have breast implants.
19) I want a nose job, but The Man won't hear of it.
20) I have PCOS.
21) I have always been a registered Republican.
22) I don't agree with circumcision...male or female.
23) I love Martial Arts and will soon be a Brown Belt in Kenpo Karate.
24) I ride 45 minutes a day, even when I have karate.
25) It makes me nauseous to eat before 12, so I never partake in "the most important meal of the day".
26) I love the smell of new shower curtain liners.
27) I think a man wearing a good cologne can drown out a lot of other faults.
28) Thankfully for me, I think bald men are sexy as hell.
29) I can play "Crazy on You" on the guitar.
30) I can tip a 270 lb. bag with my roundhouse kick.
31) I can almost bench my weight.
32) I do not have a girlie voice.
33) My husband is my soul mate (never believed in those before), my best friend and the love of my life. I truly believe we will be together "until death do us part".
34) I hate to cry and/or yell and do both rarely.
35) The first concert I ever attended was DeBarge (how embarrassing right?).
36) I have met Sean Hannity twice.
37) I met Cypress Hill.
38) I met Dr. J.
39) I met Godflesh.
40) I met Bon Jovi.
41) I hung out with Metallica backstage at a show in Sheffield, England.
42) I wanted to name my second son Dionysius Bronte.
43) The Man wanted to name our first child "Charlotte" if it was a girl.
44) I choose my first son's name when I was 15 and wrote it in my journal.
45) I am a Discovery Channel junkie.
46) I am smarter than everyone that gets into the "Cash Cab" ;)
47) I have read Pride & Prejudice and Wuthering Heights over 50 times each (and Jane Eyre almost as many).
48) I have watched Pride & Prejudice more times than The Man cares to count.
49) I could listen to Mr. Darcy say "You've bewitched me body and soul" a million times and it wouldn't get old.
50) I have read the entire Bible, the Iliad and the Odyssey and Dante's Inferno, but never War and Peace.
51) I hate any math that doesn't correlate to money.
52) I will watch any documentary regardless of the topic.
53) I was and always will be a "metal head".
54) I make a mean Jewish Apple Cake.
55) Everyone loves my homemade "sweet tea".
56) I like my pasta salad better than anyone else's.
57) My dad makes better stuffing, ribs and stuffed peppers than your dad.
58) I hate the sound of vacuum cleaners and law mowers if I'm not the one mowing or vacuuming.
59) I think Crème Brule is divine.
60) I haven't been to a church service in almost 9 years.
61) I went to a private, born-again Christian high school.
62) I used to wear a necklace that had an actual chicken foot in it.
63) I am always 'the organizer'.
64) I am always the person that feels they need to 'take care of'/'fix' everyone else.
65) I am a bit of a control freak.
66) I always know when I am falling asleep because I rub my feet together.
67) I hate sleeping alone.
68) I can do a split.
69) I can't do a straddle.
70) I prefer baking to cooking.
71) I rarely eat "home-baked" items unless I know the person and have seen their kitchen.
72) When I get an ice cream cone I eat the jimmies, fling the ice cream in the trash and then eat the cone.
73) I love working-class Boston accents.
74) I lived in England for a year.
75) I have never been to Canada or Mexico.
76) I found the people in Paris to be quite nice.
77) I have a killer memory.
78) It takes me a long time to dislike someone, but once I do it takes even longer to forgive them.
79) I hate shopping, but love having new things.
80) I volunteer a lot at my kid's school, but still haven't brought myself to join the PTA.
81) I am quite green. I believe in conservation even though I don't necessarily believe Global Warming is man-made.
82) I get along better with men than women.
83) I was there when Wilt Chamberlain's number was retired.
84) I don't think I could ever live in another part of the country.
85) I love having four seasons.
86) I love being two hours from the beach and two hours from the mountains.
87) I never want to look like "a mom".
88) I have my tongue and my tragus pierced.
89) I have two tattoos and am getting at least one more.
90) I would love to have a little girl, but I never want to be pregnant again.
91) I love Jeeps.
92) I would never own a cat. Anything that walks in its own poo and then on my counters is forbidden.
93) I don't kill spiders. I catch them and take them outside. If I ever saw a roach, it would be a different story.
94) I write my name in the front cover of a book the second I get it home. This has not put an end to the literary pilfering.
95) I hated 'Brazil'.
96) I hate when people quote "The Unbearable Lightness of Being".
97) I think my kids are cuter and smarter than everyone else's.
98) I finally have a niece and she's cuter and smarter too.
99) My mom and my sister are now two of my best friends, even though I had voodoo dolls of them when I was a teenager.
100) I am a Conservative and I love sex. I don't understand why some think the two are mutually exclusive.

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