Friday, August 31, 2007

Worthwhile Lawsuit...

If "Haditha marine" Col. Jeffrey Chessani is cleared of all charges against him, he plans on suing Representative John Murtha for slander. An rightfully so. These Marines shouldn't be saddled with Richard Jewel's fate.
"It [Haditha, Marines] is as bad as Abu Ghraib, if not worse."
(Murtha, May 2006)

"They [the Marines/Military] knew the day after this happened that it was not as they portrayed it. They knew that they (marines) went into the rooms, they killed the people in the taxi. There was no firing at all. And this comes from the highest authority in the Marine Corps, so there's no question in my mind,"
(Murtha, May 2006)

"... they [Marine] killed innocent civilians in cold blood."
(Murtha, May 17, 2006 at news conference)

"There was no firefight. There was no IED that killed these innocent people. Our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them, and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood"
(Murtha, May 19, 2006)

"They actually went into the houses and killed women and children. And there was about twice as many as originally reported by Times."
(Murtha, Reuters, May 19, 2006)

"Our troops over-reacted because of the pressure on them, and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood."
(Murtha, ARAB WORLD NEWS, May 19, 2006)

"It's [Haditha, Marines] much worse than reported in Time magazine."
(Murtha, News.comAU, May 18, 2006)

BLITZER: The marines say they're still investigating. They don't know what happened yet. The pentagon says the same thing. How do you know what happened?

MURTHA: Wolf, you read the "Time" magazine articles. There are pictures, there are photos. You don't have to talk to the military about the proof.
(Murtha, on CNN/Wolf Blitzer, May 19, 2006... transcript) (

"...If as they expect, Chessani is cleared just as one officer, Capt. Randy Stone and two enlisted men have either been exonerated of had a hearing officer recommend exoneration they will seek to hold Murtha accountable.

According to Brian Rooney , SSgt. Frank Wuterich -- one of the other defendants in the investigation now awaiting a hearing on murder charges -- is already suing Murtha for those libelous comments. He insists that Murtha should be held accountable for taking the word of Iraqi insurgents and calling the Marines "cold-blooded murderers." (source)

If this isn't libel, my old journalism professor needs to go over the definition with me again...

Update: Thanks to freakchylde for sending a link to video clip. There was a spy drone flying over Haditha that day, that according to the CNN military specialist, seems to prove the Marine's case (not that most of us had any doubt).

Tag: Banned

An elementary school has banned tag on its playground after some children complained they were harassed or chased against their will.
What I want to know is, how can you chase someone against their will? My cats are smart enough to sit still when one of my dogs "chases" them, then there is no chase.

Security? What Security?

"...The Bush administration has decided to sharply scale back its plan to screen U.S. foreign aid contractors around the globe for potential terrorism connections, deciding instead to begin with a pilot program involving aid recipients in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip before expanding it worldwide.

The decision, announced Tuesday at a meeting of U.S. officials and representatives of nonprofit groups, was made after lawmakers and several large aid organizations said that the global screening requirements were onerous and unwarranted. An official of the U.S. Agency for International Development had earlier promised to defer the program, which initially was to have taken effect Monday." (source)

Can we possibly take the millions of tax dollars spent on formula for WIC recipients and use it for security and military benefits please?! There is no need for this complete waste of tax payer's money when every woman has free formula right on her chest...Billions would also be saved in secondary benefits. Let's cut some pork and take care of priorities, even if it means forcing people to do the right thing.

Differing Views of Sportsmanship...

"...A high school student who tricked football fans from a crosstown rival into holding up signs that together spelled out, "We Suck," was suspended for the prank, students said.

Kyle Garchar, a senior at Hilliard Davidson High School in suburban Columbus, said he spent about 20 hours over three days plotting the trick, which was captured on video and posted on the video-sharing Web site YouTube. He said he was inspired by a similar prank pulled by Yale students in 2004, when Harvard fans were duped into holding up cards with the same message.

At the end of the video, Garchar wryly thanks the 800 Hilliard Darby High School supporters who raised the cards at the start of the third quarter during last Friday's football game.

"It couldn't have been done without you," reads the closing frame of the video.

Garchar, 17, created a grid to plan how the message would be spelled out once fans in three sections held up either a black or white piece of construction paper.

Directions left on stadium seats instructed fans to check that the number listed on their papers matched their seat numbers. Darby supporters were told the message would read "Go Darby."

"It was tedious," Garchar said. "I didn't really think it was going to work." (source)

How ridiculous is this headline: "High school student suspended for tricking rival fans into insulting themselves"?

Imagine the ingenuity it took to organize this "prank". This kid should have been given extra credit...not suspended. What happened to good old fashioned school rivalry --and being a "good sport" when someone gets the best of you? We are making our kids weak and spineless...and it's sad.

Caption It...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dirty Business about Clean Feet

Most folks may or may not know this, but the University of Michigan will be using public funds to install foot washing stations in the bathrooms of two or their campuses. The purpose behind this move is to make it easier for Muslim students to follow the dictates of Mohammed and wash their feet before prayer.

Seeing as this is a public University using public funds to install something for a religious use, I think this violates the separation of church and state that Christians are annually beaten about the head with when they utter the words “Merry Christmas” anywhere near public land.

The argument for the footbath is that it is unsafe and unsanitary for Muslims to wash their feet in the public sinks. Considering the fact that Aquafina has recently admitted that they have actually been selling us tap water for years, I do not understand why the college cannot simply designate the public sinks a “foot free zone”, install some vending machines that sell bottled water, and let the Muslim students work the complicated details out for themselves. The college would even make money as the vending machine sales of water sky rockets. Instead they opted to soak the tax payers and make them pay for somebody else’s dogamatic rituals.

For the moment we will ignore my opinion that Muslims may as well be praying to Sponge Bob. In the cosmic scheme of things, how clean their feet were will probably be the least of their problems when the afterlife takes them by complete surprise. The problem here is the tax dollars being used by a college who has in the past used the “Separation of Church and State” argument against Christians.

Right now they are trying to sell the foot baths as something that will benefit all students and visitors alike and is completely in line with the societal pluralism they are trying to promote. Seeing as this is something that is for general use, I wonder if they would have a problem if I used the foot bath when the stalls are all full, or walked my pet pig Wilbur on to the campus and used the public facility to give him a little bath?

I have been corresponding with somebody at the college who seems to getting increasingly annoyed. In my last email to him I have offered to arrange for the financing of an artistically designed cross that will stand in their campus. As a work of art, all the students and visitors may enjoy it, and it will serve as an object of inspiration for the thousands of students who are Catholic or Christians. These students may sit and quietly pray on the stone benches that will be situated around it. The University should not have a problem with this on their public facility unless Catholics and Christians do not figure into their “pluralist society”.

The Gulf is a little Oily

Have you noticed that every few years some "experts" tell us how many years of oil we have left? And the next time it is even higher?

What's weird is how the years of oil left seems to be directly proportional to the price of oil.

Maybe not so weird. Look at it like this. If it costs $30/barrel to explore a region and the cost of oil on the world market is $20/barrel, that $30 oil doesn't get found and "doesn't exist."

Well, of course it's there, but nobody looks for it or brings it to market. That would be stupid.

This is an interesting article. You see, this is oil that didn't even "exist" 10 years ago. It cost to much to drill that deep and nobody knew for sure that oil was there.
Even better, a recent discovery by Chevron has signaled that soon there may be vastly more oil gushing out of the ultradeep seabeds — more than even the optimists were predicting four years ago. In 2004, the company penetrated a 60 million-year-old geological stratum known as the "lower tertiary trend" containing a monster oil patch that holds between 3 billion and 15 billion barrels of crude. Dubbed Jack, the field lies beneath waters nearly twice as deep as those covering Tahiti, and many in the industry dismissed the discovery as too remote to exploit. But last September, Chevron used the Cajun Express to probe the Jack field, proving that petroleum could flow from the lower tertiary at hearty commercial rates — fast enough to bring billions of dollars of crude to market. It was hailed as the largest publicly reported discovery in the past decade, opening up a region that is perhaps big enough to boost national oil reserves by 50 percent. A mad rush followed, and oil companies plowed more than $5 billion into this part of the Gulf.
The US has huge oil reserves that are untapped and unmapped. If the price of oil were high enough, we'd go after it, to hell with the environment. Seriously, everything's for sale. If the price of gasoline in San Francisco got high enough, even Nancy Pelosi would vote to open ANWAR.

The Pull-Out Crowd Now Has it in Writing...

"...President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned Tuesday that a power vacuum is imminent in Iraq and said that Iran was ready to help fill the gap.

"The political power of the occupiers is collapsing rapidly," Ahmadinejad said at a press conference in Tehran, referring to U.S. troops in Iraq. "Soon, we will see a huge power vacuum in the region. Of course, we are prepared to fill the gap, with the help of neighbors and regional friends like Saudi Arabia, and with the help of the Iraqi nation."

Although Ahmadinejad did not elaborate how Iran could fill a power gap, his bold remarks reflected what may be perceived as Iran's eagerness for an increasing role on its neighbor's political scene..." (source)

Am I the only one that finds it completely asinine that the "no war in Iran" crowd and the "US out of Iraq" crowd are one in the same? Do these people possess even a modicum of common sense?

...Then again, maybe Ahmadinejad is really just a misunderstood guy --like Chavez, Castro, Che and Mumia...My bad.

Roe V. Wade Solved Nothing

"...While working in the drive-through area, the [20 year old] woman appeared to be in pain and said she needed to use the restroom. When she had not returned in 15 minutes, a manager asked another employee to check on her.

The second employee entered the restroom and asked what was wrong.

"You don't even want to know," the woman reportedly responded from behind a closed stall door. Later, she reported that she was bleeding and opened the bathroom stall door to show the co-worker a blood-filled toilet.

The co-worker noticed a gray umbilical cord still connected to the woman and thought the woman was suffering a miscarriage. She ran to her manager and said they needed to call 911.

When paramedics arrived, they cleared the employees from the restroom and talked to the woman while she remained on the toilet. She reportedly told them she had "flushed three times but that it would not go down."

A paramedic asked her to stand and saw a nonbreathing baby face down in the water under some toilet paper. The baby had no pulse.

The paramedic and his partner performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation. An employee standing outside the restroom soon heard the baby crying." (source)

Now, all the pro-choice people need to think about this story (and all the others like this one). These are the cases you claim abortion will stop. The "unwanted children". Well abortion IS legal and yet these stories remain the news most everyday. As I have always contended...this may be harsh, but it's never the people you "want" to have abortions that have them. It's not the poor, young uneducated's the rich doctor's wives that don't want to exceed their two child limit. the proof is in the papers. What say you?

Vigilante Justice

I realize we have laws for a reason. I know the reasoning behind the need for sleazy defense lawyers that will represent the 100% guilty. I am glad we have protections and safeguards so the innocent don’t end up convicted...

...But, all that being said, there's something incredibly appealing and satisfying about citizens taking the law into their own hands. When it was their son that was molested, or their mother that was shot, or their neighborhood being terrorized by thugs. When the cops won’t listen, or the defense lawyers have more money then the prosecution...

I know it's wrong, but (not so) deep down it makes me proud to live in a country where some dad is willing to go to jail for taking down a pedophile so no more kids will be hurt.

Of course this particular case is neither about pedophilia or in this country, but it made me think of all that...

"...Tied to a lamppost, he stands with his head and upper body covered in tar and feathers. A makeshift placard hung around his neck with a piece of string announces the reason for his treatment.

It is a very public humiliation, and a medieval one. Almost ten years since Northern Ireland's Troubles officially ended, this remains the crude face of justice on the streets of south Belfast.

Locals had accused the victim, who is in his thirties, of being a drug dealer. And when police allegedly did not act, they took the law into their own hands.

Two masked men tied up the accused victim, poured tar over his head and then covered him in white feathers, apparently from a pillow case.

A small crowd including women and children looked on as the men then adorned their victim with a placard reading: "I'm a drug dealing scumbag"." (source)

Caption It...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Something's Fishy In Hillary's Campaign

See this house? Six adult members of the "Paw" family live there. I know we shouldn't judge by appearances, but does this look like the dwelling of a family that could afford to donate $200,000 to New York Senator Hillary Clinton over the past 2 years?

"...It isn't obvious how the Paw family is able to afford such political largess. Records show they own a gift shop and live in a 1,280-square-foot house that they recently refinanced for $270,000. William Paw, the 64-year-old head of the household, is a mail carrier with the U.S. Postal Service who earns about $49,000 a year, according to a union representative. Alice Paw, also 64, is a homemaker. The couple's grown children have jobs ranging from account manager at a software company to "attendance liaison" at a local public high school. One is listed on campaign records as an executive at a mutual fund.

The Paws' political donations closely track donations made by Norman Hsu, a wealthy New York businessman in the apparel industry who once listed the Paw home as his address, according to public records. Mr. Hsu is one of the top fund-raisers for Mrs. Clinton's presidential campaign. He has hosted or co-hosted some of her most prominent money-raising events.

People who answered the phone and the door at the Paws' residence declined requests for comment last week. In an email last night, one of the Paws' sons, Winkle, said he had sometimes been asked by Mr. Hsu to make contributions, and sometimes he himself had asked family members to donate. But he added: "I have been fortunate in my investments and all of my contributions have been my money." (Read the entire article)

This is why I keep stressing that Hillary in the Oval Office is indeed a strong possibility. I doubt there's not much she wouldn't do to achieve that goal. The Clintonistas are a strong political force with allies in very high places. The GOP better unite on key issues and be vigilant in their oversight of her campaign...or it will be Billary '08.

No More "Marriage" on the Left Coast?

"...In legal briefs submitted to the California Supreme Court regarding same-sex marriage, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Jerry Brown both stated that a future legislature could abolish marriage and remove the rights now enjoyed by a husband and wife, a pro-family group charged on Monday.

In Brown's document, filed on Aug. 17, the attorney general stated that "the words 'marry' and 'marriage' have no essential constitutional significance under the California Constitution. Thus, the legislature could change the name of the legal relationship now known as 'marriage' to some other name without any constitutional impediment."

Schwarzenegger filed a brief of his own that day, which said "the administration submits that use of the words 'marry' and 'marriage' is not required by the California Constitution. Thus, the name of the legal relationship now known as 'marriage' could be changed."

Regarding whether rights for a husband and wife can be eliminated by the California legislature, Schwarzenegger wrote that "except for the ability to choose and declare one's life partner in a reciprocal commitment of mutual support, any of the statutory rights and obligations that are afforded to married couples in California could be abrogated or eliminated by the legislature or the electorate for any rational legislative purpose." (source)

So...civil unions for all or no marital rights for anyone? Even after reading this, I'm not quite sure .
What I am sure of is that this country must really be going off the deep end if a less then five percent minority can take away the rights of the majority with the use of incessant whining alone... As you know, I’m all for Civil Unions for everyone and ‘marriage’ for those that want the religious aspect. But when people start taking away other’s rights to secure their own I draw the line. Just because I want more money doesn't mean I'd wish poverty on everyone else. This is the result of activism in its most self-centered state. If they can't have it, no one else can either? Way to warm people to the cause...

I Don't Know Why...

...but I was really upset to hear the news about Owen Wilson.

I have been through a suicide attempt within my family-in-law and it tears up everyone around the person for a long time.

I know he's an actor, but I think there's something very likeable about Owen (ever since I saw him in 'Behind Enemy Lines'). Something very sad about someone distraught enough to want to die at 39...

100 Things...

Many Bloggers have done this and I always enjoy reading through them... I wanted to see if I could actually think of 100 things to tell... Try it; it's much harder to do than you might think. The photo has absolutely nothing to do with the post (unless #101 is 'I know many uses for chopsticks').

1) I was an only child for 6 years and then the oldest of 5 by the time I was 10.
2) I have broken fingers and toes, but never a major bone.
3) I have never had a cavity or braces.
4) My mom says that throughout elementary school, the prettier my teacher the better my grades.
5) I got MIP the first year I played field hockey and MVP the next.
6) I played catcher (and sometimes first base) in softball.
7) I was a cheerleader all four years of high school.
8) I got a scholarship to a top art school and passed it up for a boyfriend.
9) I could have gone to Uganda for 6 weeks with my dad and passed it up for a boyfriend.
10) My first job was hostess at Friendly's.
11) My favorite car is a '65 convertible GTO.
12) I have always wanted a Custom Softail.
13) My first car was a 1978 VW Rabbit.
14) I filled out the voter's registration paperwork before I turned 18 to ensure they processed it as soon as possible.
15) I cut everyone in my family's hair.
16) I can knit blankets and scarves, but nothing else.
17) I have a children's book that I wrote and illustrated.
18) At 21 I had a tumor removed from my right breast and now have breast implants.
19) I want a nose job, but The Man won't hear of it.
20) I have PCOS.
21) I have always been a registered Republican.
22) I don't agree with circumcision...male or female.
23) I love Martial Arts and will soon be a Brown Belt in Kenpo Karate.
24) I ride 45 minutes a day, even when I have karate.
25) It makes me nauseous to eat before 12, so I never partake in "the most important meal of the day".
26) I love the smell of new shower curtain liners.
27) I think a man wearing a good cologne can drown out a lot of other faults.
28) Thankfully for me, I think bald men are sexy as hell.
29) I can play "Crazy on You" on the guitar.
30) I can tip a 270 lb. bag with my roundhouse kick.
31) I can almost bench my weight.
32) I do not have a girlie voice.
33) My husband is my soul mate (never believed in those before), my best friend and the love of my life. I truly believe we will be together "until death do us part".
34) I hate to cry and/or yell and do both rarely.
35) The first concert I ever attended was DeBarge (how embarrassing right?).
36) I have met Sean Hannity twice.
37) I met Cypress Hill.
38) I met Dr. J.
39) I met Godflesh.
40) I met Bon Jovi.
41) I hung out with Metallica backstage at a show in Sheffield, England.
42) I wanted to name my second son Dionysius Bronte.
43) The Man wanted to name our first child "Charlotte" if it was a girl.
44) I choose my first son's name when I was 15 and wrote it in my journal.
45) I am a Discovery Channel junkie.
46) I am smarter than everyone that gets into the "Cash Cab" ;)
47) I have read Pride & Prejudice and Wuthering Heights over 50 times each (and Jane Eyre almost as many).
48) I have watched Pride & Prejudice more times than The Man cares to count.
49) I could listen to Mr. Darcy say "You've bewitched me body and soul" a million times and it wouldn't get old.
50) I have read the entire Bible, the Iliad and the Odyssey and Dante's Inferno, but never War and Peace.
51) I hate any math that doesn't correlate to money.
52) I will watch any documentary regardless of the topic.
53) I was and always will be a "metal head".
54) I make a mean Jewish Apple Cake.
55) Everyone loves my homemade "sweet tea".
56) I like my pasta salad better than anyone else's.
57) My dad makes better stuffing, ribs and stuffed peppers than your dad.
58) I hate the sound of vacuum cleaners and law mowers if I'm not the one mowing or vacuuming.
59) I think Crème Brule is divine.
60) I haven't been to a church service in almost 9 years.
61) I went to a private, born-again Christian high school.
62) I used to wear a necklace that had an actual chicken foot in it.
63) I am always 'the organizer'.
64) I am always the person that feels they need to 'take care of'/'fix' everyone else.
65) I am a bit of a control freak.
66) I always know when I am falling asleep because I rub my feet together.
67) I hate sleeping alone.
68) I can do a split.
69) I can't do a straddle.
70) I prefer baking to cooking.
71) I rarely eat "home-baked" items unless I know the person and have seen their kitchen.
72) When I get an ice cream cone I eat the jimmies, fling the ice cream in the trash and then eat the cone.
73) I love working-class Boston accents.
74) I lived in England for a year.
75) I have never been to Canada or Mexico.
76) I found the people in Paris to be quite nice.
77) I have a killer memory.
78) It takes me a long time to dislike someone, but once I do it takes even longer to forgive them.
79) I hate shopping, but love having new things.
80) I volunteer a lot at my kid's school, but still haven't brought myself to join the PTA.
81) I am quite green. I believe in conservation even though I don't necessarily believe Global Warming is man-made.
82) I get along better with men than women.
83) I was there when Wilt Chamberlain's number was retired.
84) I don't think I could ever live in another part of the country.
85) I love having four seasons.
86) I love being two hours from the beach and two hours from the mountains.
87) I never want to look like "a mom".
88) I have my tongue and my tragus pierced.
89) I have two tattoos and am getting at least one more.
90) I would love to have a little girl, but I never want to be pregnant again.
91) I love Jeeps.
92) I would never own a cat. Anything that walks in its own poo and then on my counters is forbidden.
93) I don't kill spiders. I catch them and take them outside. If I ever saw a roach, it would be a different story.
94) I write my name in the front cover of a book the second I get it home. This has not put an end to the literary pilfering.
95) I hated 'Brazil'.
96) I hate when people quote "The Unbearable Lightness of Being".
97) I think my kids are cuter and smarter than everyone else's.
98) I finally have a niece and she's cuter and smarter too.
99) My mom and my sister are now two of my best friends, even though I had voodoo dolls of them when I was a teenager.
100) I am a Conservative and I love sex. I don't understand why some think the two are mutually exclusive.

No Fooling Strippers...

They might not know much about politics, math or the literary canon, but when it comes to money... Don't let the clear heels fool you and think you're going to get one over an a stripper.

"...A man who authorities say used his computer to make fake $100 bills to buy lap dances at a strip club has pleaded guilty to counterfeiting charges, federal prosecutors said.

Strippers at Deja Vu in Nashville were suspicious of the bills and called police after Damon Armagost spent $600 of the fake money April 16, authorities said.

When officers arrived, Armagost first told them he got the money when he sold gold coins for $1,400 to an unidentified person.

U.S. Secret Service agents later determined that counterfeit bills with the same serial number had been passed in other parts of the country. When they went to Armagost's Smyrna home, about 20 miles southeast of Nashville, a family member told agents that an image of a $100 bill had been on a computer there..." (source)

I'd love to see a picture of this guy. He goes to the trouble and risk of printing out counterfeit money and spends it on lap dances?

Yeah well, it's a slow news day ;)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No More PC or RC for Me: A New Mission Statement of Sorts

I agree with a lot of what Rush Limbaugh says, but there are some things he goes on about that make me want to slap him (I have a sneaking suspicion he's a misogynist). I don't freak out, turn off my radio and write a nasty letter to him when he goes off on the things I don't agree with...I just roll my eyes.

I have always hated the MSM and the Inkies for being so PC, but after 3 years of writing this blog it finally hit me: They aren't PC, they're RC. Reader Correct. They don't want to offend anyone in their circulation and lose subscriptions or viewers. It dawned on me last week, I have been guilty of the same thing. I self-censor like crazy when writing here. Can't say that, too many of my readers are men. Can't say that, so-and-so is a devout Catholic. Shouldn't write that, this person might think I'm talking about them. I should tone that down, wouldn’t want to scare off the moderates, etc.

I may have written something that bothered you or rubbed you the wrong way over the past week. It wasn't meant toward you personally. I've realized that I haven't given you all enough credit in the past, and decided to change that. I guess the Mormon thing is what shocked me. I posted pictures of the magic underwear and got tons of emails saying Mormons won't ever come here again. They obviously had no problem when I bashed every other organized religion, but point out something ludicrous in theirs and I'm boycotted.

Well, I'm not doing it anymore. I can't become what I hate...what I started this site to combat. I don't have to worry about losing subscriptions, cause I don't get paid. I am no longer self-censoring. I am saying what I feel and not dwelling on who might be put off or offended by it. I wouldn't hang out with someone that would bolt after our first disagreement, so I don't know why I've been doing it here.

We're bound to have different opinions about some things. That's what makes life interesting. If you disagree with me, don’t pack up your dolls and dishes and go home...tell me why I'm wrong. I'll respect you more in the morning…and myself.

Affirmative Action Hurts Minorities

Look at the picture above. What color/ethnicity/gender is the person wearing the shoes labeled "racial preferences"? Isn't it funny that a white guy is the one pictured as receiving preferences?

Back in the late 19th century, our Constitution was amended to abolish racial preferences. No longer were you allowed to pick and choose based on race. It was instantly cured, right?

Of course not. Blatant discrimination was the way of life into the 1960's, when the modern civil rights movement reached a peak, causing the passage of the Civil Rights Act. Little known about this is that there were so many Democrats opposing it that it wouldn't have passed without the Republicans.

Anyway, following that, it was illegal to pick and choose based on race. However, the "good old boys" could still find excuses to exclude those they wanted out, whether it was based on race, religion or gender.

My, how life has changed since then. But, not really. These types of activities, these racial and gender preferences and gerrymandering of qualifications, still exist. However, they are more often than not in the favor of groups who, admittedly, were discriminated against in the past.

Do these preferences help? No, says a study by UCLA law professor Richard Sander.
Easily the most startling conclusion of his research: Mr. Sander calculated that there are fewer black attorneys today than there would have been if law schools had practiced color-blind admissions--about 7.9% fewer by his reckoning. He identified the culprit as the practice of admitting minority students to schools for which they are inadequately prepared. In essence, they have been "matched" to the wrong school.
But, how can this be? How can getting admitted to law school be so bad for minorities?

When I got into medical school in the '80's, my school had a special program for black students. It was in the summer prior to the first year of school and was an intense gross anatomy course. These students were given, free, lab coats and dissecting kits. Older students, further along in school, were paid to do special dissections, or prosections, for these students to study. They were given textbooks, dissecting manuals and anatomy books.

When asked, the administration claimed that any student could have enrolled prior to the class filling. However, only the black students were contacted by the Office of Minority Affairs and notified that the course was available. It was clearly designed to give the black students a leg up.

Medical school, like law school, is damned hard. And, like law schools, there are different tiers of difficulty. Everyone in the biz knows that some schools are harder than others.

So, how is admission bad for minorities? Well, admission based on actual qualifications isn't bad. But, let's look at an example:
  • Paul is a black man, 21 years old and a college senior.
  • Paul's qualifications for admission to law school give him an "admission score" of 70.
  • Admission to Top Tier Law School in California require at least a score of 85.
  • Admission to Local Law School requires an admission score of at least 60. This school is nationally accredited and graduates are respected members of the legal community.
  • Paul is admitted to LLS and, with affirmative action, to TTLS.
  • Paul is give multiple scholarships to TTLS and a few to LLS. He elects to attend TTLS. Who wouldn't?
  • Swimming in an academic pond for which he is not prepared, Paul fails out of TTLS
  • Paul falls back on his undergraduate degree, biology, and gets a job as a customer service representative to Verizon Wireless.
Now consider the alternative: Paul is denied acceptance to TTLS, based on his lack of qualifications and attends LLS. At LLS, Paul does well and becomes a productive member of the local legal community. Or even this: Paul is denied acceptance to TTLS, based on his lack of qualifications. Paul attends another year of college and, better prepared this time, is accepted at TTLS and excels.

Is this what happens? That's what Richard Sander is arguing. However, as you can read at the linked article, the affirmative action advocates don't want him, or other researchers, to have access to the data to learn the real story.

"Outing" or Gloating?

I'm confused. There is all this talk in the right'o'sphere about Senator Larry Craig being "outed" and how wrong that is...

As far as I can tell the Senator outed himself by soliciting sex in a public bathroom. Once that's public an "outing" seems a bit after-the-fact wouldn't you say?

Some of my fellow right-wing bloggers are also acting outraged that this is being talked about. For real? Like if Robert KKK Byrd was caught trying to get it on in an airport bathroom we wouldn't be having a field day with it? I know I would.

Look, I believe the "outing" of a “regular” person is wrong, but if I were an activist and saw first-hand political hypocrisy...I would consider it fair game too.

And like I said, arrest records are public. Senator Craig seems to have outed himself when he decided he wanted to cheat on his wife in a scummy men's restroom with a plain clothes cop and got arrested for it. Let's not fall into a leftist mindset and defend this guy and act like we wouldn't be gloating if the situation was reversed...

Tread Lightly: "Religious Sensitivities"

That is the "controversial" cartoon that The Washington Post (among several other newspapers) refused to run this past Sunday.

"...Sources told that the strips were shown to Muslim staffers at The Washington Post to gauge their reaction, and they responded "emotionally" to the depiction of a woman dressed in traditional Muslim garb and espousing conservative Islamic views.

There was also considerable alarm over the strip at the highest echelons of The Washington Post Co., according to the sources.

Lago said she flagged some of the syndicate's newspaper clients for two reasons: because of the possibility that the jokes about Islam would be misconstrued and because of the sexual innuendo in the punchline.

"The strip came in and I knew we would have to send out an alert to all the newspapers," Lago said. "I do that fairly regularly with materials that might pose issues for local areas. ... We knew that because it was a sex joke, it could raise issues. And there is another client that has issues with any Muslim depiction whatsoever."

Editors from The Washington Post declined to comment on why they made the decision to pull the two comic strips..." (Read the entire article)

Ironically, the same cartoon made fun of Jerry Falwell about a week ago with no caution or fanfare whatsoever. Because we all know, it's fine to make fun of Christians. I prefer it that way. It means people know we're not a bunch of whining windbags that take cartoons seriously.

Useless Interesting Facts...

There was an article in this month's National Geographic that I found pretty interesting. It said that only 2% of the world's population has red hair. And that 13% of that 2% are in Scotland. Apparently some scientists believe that since only 4% of the population carry the gene (and both parents need to have it) redheads might be extinct by 2100. Real redheads that is. Guys that are into redheads don't fret, $123 million was spent last year on red hair the US alone.

Monday, August 27, 2007

"Female Circumcision" Now Just A "Cultural Difference"?!

For years I have been asking where the feminists are when it comes to the affront to woman that is Islam. Where are the voices of outrage? Where is academia's voice calling for the human rights of women is Islamic countries?

Not only are these formerly shrill voices silent...THIS is were they choose to be "more tolerant" of human rights violations. Not at GITMO were the "victims" are confirmed US troop killers, but when it comes to young, innocent girls. They should be ashamed.

"...Academia's fixation on cultural sensitivity is changing the debate around female genital mutilation, with a growing number of professors and women's rights activists becoming hesitant to condemn the practice.

Where feminists rallied against the operation from the pages of Ms. magazine in the 1970s, today's critics are infinitely more cautious, with most suggesting that the Western world butt out until Muslim African communities are ready to reconsider what they are doing to their daughters.

The shift in attitudes about the practice-- which in the worst of cases involves the carving out of a woman's clitoris and inner labia and can cause lifelong urinary tract infections, sterility and even death -- comes at a time when high-profile victims of the operation such as writer Ayaan Hirsi Ali and model Waris Dirie, both Somalis, have launched very public campaigns against the practice..." (Read the entire article)

Of course, I'm not really sure how Americans that believe in this same practice with their boys can really condemn this...but that's a whole different post...


Sorry, but I am so sick of "Muslim sensitivities". I guess if anyone should have a victim mentality, it's the Afghans but please. Enough already.

"...A demonstration has been held in south- east Afghanistan accusing US troops of insulting Islam after they distributed footballs bearing the name of Allah.

The balls showed the Saudi Arabian flag which features the Koranic declaration of faith.

The US military said the idea had been to give something for Afghan children to enjoy and they did not realise it would cause offence. The footballs were dropped from a helicopter in Khost province.

Some displayed flags from countries all over the world, including Saudi Arabia, which features the shahada, one of the five pillars of Islam - the declaration of faith. Mullahs in Afghanistan criticised the US forces for their insensitivity, and around 100 people held a demonstration in Khost.

Afghan MP Mirwais Yasini said: "To have a verse of the Koran on something you kick with your foot would be an insult in any Muslim country around the world." (source)

It’s a free ball folks. My.head.might.just.explode.

Interesting Poll

There was a national poll done ( I believe it was published in Newsweek) asking Americans which of these "hypotheticals" they would vote for. The Man and I both guessed the order /percentages of the results really wrong...

Who Do You Think Americans Would Elect as President First?
An African-American Male
A Hispanic Male
A Mormon Male
A Woman free polls

The poll order was: African American, Woman, Hispanic and then a Mormon. I guess that doesn't bode well for Mitt.

Hot Car Deaths

I REALLY don't want to ignite the Mommy Wars...really. But this week as I watched the stories of the 7 month old, the 5 month old and the 2 year old girl that were all left in hot cars by frazzled parents (all three died)... I couldn't help but think that in all these stories of this happening, it's always been two working parents.

Trust me, I understand the need for two incomes, but I often wonder about women that can't even sacrifice a year or two to be home with their infants. If you're frazzled enough to forget your baby is in the backseat, how are you possibly performing as a good parent? What job is important enough to hand over your six week old to a stranger? I wonder if these parents think keeping their careers was worth the high price they paid... I'll never get it.

Caption It...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

From the Blogroll...

  • Jay at Stop the ACLU alerts us to a post over at HuffPo that basically calls for our military to revolt and place Bush under military arrest. The HuffPo piece is presented as an Open Letter to General Peter Pace...and the author is a Brit:

    "I understand that it would not be an action to undertake lightly.

    In all your 39 years of service you have shown total loyalty to the chain of command.

    However, given the current imperilment of US troops, and the "Conduct Unbecoming Of An Officer And A Gentleman" of this President - you have a greater responsibility to your nation, your code of honor and to the US Constitution.

    I wish you well as you prepare to undertake the most heroic action of your distinguished career.

    General Pace - please save the US."

  • Noel at Newsbusters has a story posted about a "Modern Day 'Saving Private Ryan'".

  • Frank J. at IMAO posted about those sexist monkeys in Kenya. Did you read about this? These monkeys are eating all the crops, but the "save the pin-footed ant" people won't let them kill or relocate the offending primates. Never mind that there are ACTUAL PEOPLE starving... If you haven't read about this, you really must.

  • From the left'o'sphere (cause you should always know what the other side is thinking) Honest Partisan has an interesting take on the role of terror/al Qaeda in the 2008 campaign/election.

  • Robbie over at Urban Grounds posted about Elvira Arellano and the "breaking up families" argument from the pro-illegals crowd.

  • Captain America over at First In ruined my weekend by posting that Janeane Garofalo will be playing a new character on this season's "24". Can't we have ONE stinking show that isn't polluted with liberal Hollywood windbags?! Well, considering producer Joel Surnow has Ann Coulter, Rush and Laura Ingraham hanging on the would be fun to see Garafalo have to be civil.
    Wyatt Erp (who writes for Blogs 4 Bauer) weighed in too. (He also has a funny story about someone that said no to a "jumbo screen" marriage proposal. Ooops)
  • Mindless Fun...

    Since there is so much to worry about, isn't it fun to do something absolutely useless like find out what drink you are? ;)

    You Are Sex On the Beach

    When comes to drinking, you like it to go down smooth.
    You really don't like the taste of alcohol - just its effect on you.
    So, you're proud to get drunk on fruity, girly drinks.
    Because once you're liquored up, the fun begins!

    Saturday, August 25, 2007

    I'm Animated...and "With Fred"...and The Man

    My kids are now showing me the "cool stuff" online... I'm off to make one of The Man. Okay, there we are.

    Friday, August 24, 2007

    Socialized Medicine

    Isn't it amazing that the same people that lambaste every single thing the government does and blames events like 9/11, Katrina and anthrax on the government are the same ones calling for national healthcare. They scream about Walter Reed and then ask for the same care. The government can't do anything right, why would you want them handling your healthcare? Welfare recipients get about 24 CENTS on the dollar. 76 CENTS per dollar on administrative costs?! And you want them managing your health?

    Here's a great series using stories from countries that do indeed have socialized medicine to elucidate the point:

    "...We don't want to make light of the mother's suffering. It was enough that she had to give birth in the "lavatory of a flagship hospital because there were no trained midwives available," the Daily Mail reports.

    But the fact her premature son "died in her arms minutes" after she had to give birth with only her mother to assist speaks volumes. "I still can't believe the hospital had no trained staff who could help me," Catherine Brown said.

    Had this happened in a U.S. hospital, Michael Moore would have played it up in his film "Sicko." More proof, Moore would have huffed, that uncaring corporations and the free market that lets them run wild were ruining health care in this country.

    But the mother who was "forced to give birth alone in toilet of 'flagship' NHS hospital" — the Daily Mail, again — was in Queen's Hospital, a new facility that opened in December in Romford, Essex. That's England, Michael, not Massachusetts.

    Looking for a solution when they don't even understand the problem, Moore and most Democrats want to force Americans into a socialist health care system. They urge the U.S. to copy the British, the Canadian or even the Cuban system — any arrangement that compels everyone to be a part of a universal plan, strips choice and insulates users from the directs costs of treatment..." (Read the whole piece)

    It's National Security, Not Racism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For the 9,326th time... al Qaeda has said that they will use our weak Southern border against us.

    "...President Bush's top intelligence aide has confirmed that Iraqi terrorists have been captured coming into the United States from Mexico.

    The confirmation comes from National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell, who talked about the situation in an interview with the El Paso Times recently.

    "Coming up through the Mexican border is a path," McConnell said. "Now, are they doing it in great numbers? No, because we're finding them and we're identifying them and we've got watch lists and we're keeping them at bay."

    But, he said, "There are numerous situations where people are alive today because we caught them (terrorists)." (source)

    Why is this so hard for the pro-illegals people to grasp?! Haven't been blown up at your local mall? Thank a Minuteman.

    Man Wins Reverse Racism Lawsuit

    "...Mark Pasternak said he lost his state job helping troubled youths because he couldn’t stand working under a black boss who called him racist names like “cracker,” “polack” and “stupid white boy.”

    Pasternak was dismissed from his position as a youth worker with the state Office of Children and Family Services in 1999. But today, he feels some relief and vindication.

    After a rare reverse racial discrimination trial in Buffalo’s federal court, a jury Tuesday awarded Pasternak $150,000. Jurors found that his former boss, Tommy E. Baines, discriminated against him racially and created a hostile working environment.

    Federal court officials said they could not recall any reverse discrimination case in Buffalo resulting in a larger monetary verdict. Most such cases wind up being settled or dismissed before they ever go to trial..." (source)

    My mom and I once went into a Popeye's Chicken in a predominantly Black neighborhood. The counter girls refused to wait in us. It was so overt that after the manager asked them to wait in us twice and they continued to refuse, he had to come take our order himself. I was pretty pissed about that as I am not a racist person. I've never understood the whole Black-White thing in modern times. Who cares? If you're cool to me I like you, if you're an ass I don't...regardless of your skin color. Now, if you’re kneeling to Mecca...that's a whole different scenario.

    Sex With Your Ex? Maybe Not.

    First there was the woman in Moscow that decided to ignite her ex-hubby's penis. No reason was given in the article, but I doubt it takes a genius...

    Then there was the woman that stabbed her 'estranged' husband in the chest during sex (guess he wasn't that estranged huh?) However, she did apologize after removing the knife from his chest.

    Moral of the day: Having sex with a disgruntled ex? Maybe not such a smart move.

    Caption It...


    Thursday, August 23, 2007

    Viva la France!

    I really enjoyed this article. I suggest you read the whole thing. I guess I can start eating French fries and buying French wine again. I do have to admit, I never stopped the kissing thing.
    The French change of attitude in Iraq destroys one of the key arguments of all those in the US who opposed the liberation of Iraq. The argument is that by toppling Saddam, the US alienated some of its key allies, notably France.

    John Kerry, the Democrat presidential nominee in 2004, used the argument as a key campaign theme, echoing the views of other leading figures of the American left such as Michael Moore, Jane Fonda and Noam Chomsky, not to mention the financier George Soros.
    Read it and weep, Nate.

    "Innocent Civilians"

    Who are the "innocent civilians" in Iraq? The ones we are "occupying"? The ones that "were better off under Saddam"? The ones that "would be living peacefully if we weren't there"? The "Freedom fighters"? The "insurgents"?

    "...Five-year-old Youssif is scarred for life, his once beautiful smile turned into a grotesquely disfigured face -- the face of a horrifying act by masked men. They grabbed him on a January day outside his central Baghdad home, doused him with gas and set him ablaze.

    It's an act incomprehensibly savage, even by Iraq's standards today. No one has been arrested and the motive remains unknown.

    In a war-ravaged city torn by sectarian violence and marked by acts of vengeance, this attack's apparent randomness stands out as an example of what life has become in a place where brutality -- even against young children -- is a constant.

    "They dumped gasoline, burned me, and ran," Youssif told CNN, pointing down the street with his scarred hands where his attackers fled. As he sucked his thumb, he repeated, "I was burning." He tried to put the flames out himself..." (source)

    What lovely people. I'm so glad we have soldiers and marines dying for these barbarians... And you know what, I'm starting to blame the actual innocent civilians. REPORT people. I don't care if it's your cousin or your best friend. It's YOUR country that's being destroyed. You had a chance after Saddam, but you're blowing it...

    And in other Religion of peace news:
    Muslims want to ban Easter eggs (because, ya know, they have so much to do with Jesus and all...)
    And in true hypocritical fashion:
    Israeli porn sites receive most hits from Muslim countries.

    More on the Bad, Evil American Armed Forces

    While the innocent civilians of Iraq are grabbing pre-schoolers and setting them ablaze...This is what those evil occupiers are up too. What will those maniacal marines think of next?

    "Today is a great day, not only for the Iraqi police, but for all of Hadithah. We will never forget what our Marine brothers have done to make this possible." -Lt. Col. Mazher Hasan Khazal, Hadithah police chief

    "...More than 200 local children gathered at the police station for a chance to play soccer with their police officers. The police and children were equally excited for the day’s festivities.

    The Youth Soccer Day was a testament to the successful counter-insurgency campaign 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines, is conducting in the Hadithah Triad. The Iraqi police have played a large role in the city’s stability. The force is a lot larger, more professional, and the people of Hadithah readily accept them. It is a sign of hope that the situation here has turned the right corner..." (source)

    Damn them, hosting Youth Soccer days! The left'o'sphere was right...the US is evil!

    Stay away from the front and the back of the line

    Examples of why you should never be the first (or in the first thousand or so). I also think you should never be the last.


    Don't bowl against Fred Thompson. His glare melts the pins.

    Caption It...

    Wednesday, August 22, 2007


    Some things are hard to swallow; sea urchins come immediately to mind. Considering a famous blue dress with an infamous stain on it, one can conclude that Clinton DNA doesn’t go down very well either. Much like the spiky Echinoid or the end result of some Oval Office afternoon delight, the flawed theory of Global Warming doesn’t slide down the throat with ease. That is why so many people with a D after their name are working like hell to ram it down our collective gullet.

    Liberals and science don’t get along very well. Science keeps debunking their heartfelt beliefs and hurting their self esteem in ways that no amount of affirmations can heal. This is why when confronted with unbiased scientific research on Global Warming; most of the crowd will do one of the following: get really, really mad, call a lawyer and try to have the offending research removed from human sight, or go to Old Country Buffet and eat their feelings. These hardwired reactions to science in its purest, unadulterated form would explain the sort of Naziesque hate that radiates from any online presence that caters to loony left. It would also account for the reason that Ben and Jerry’s ice cream Empire openly celebrates their liberal leanings. It is simply good business for them to associate themselves with those who’s most reasonable response to thickening Antarctic ice is to yell and snack.

    When it comes down to the brass tacks, Global Warming is a faith based initiative. This is agreed upon even by those who have a picture of Leonardo DeCaprio tattooed in places that are socially unacceptable to expose outside of a Kennedy Compound mixer. This fact was eloquently expressed in 2002 by Eco-Nazi and Sierra Club spokespoodle, Ariana Silverman. In one statement she praised what she referred to as a “scientific consensus” while in the next breath said about Global Warming models and the accuracy of their predictions that: "nobody knows; we don't have god-like abilities to predict the future”. So according to her the “consensus” doesn’t know what is going on, but they are quite certain that it is your fault for driving an SUV. It would actually be funny if it were not for the fact that forcing this flawed idea on the population is actually as dangerous to the world as they think a man-made climate change is.

    Whenever you hear somebody talk about the dangers of Global Warming, they always add the caveat, “there is scientific consensus”. This idea of “consensus” is heavily flawed in two ways.

    First of all “consensus” does not always translate into the right answer. For a very long time there was consensus that the sun revolved around the Earth. Facts have proven that those who were in agreement on this idea were wrong. Today we know that the Earth revolves around the sun and that the only balls of flaming gas that call Earth’s orbit home come from blue states. Second, the idea that there is consensus on Global Warning is the sort of lie one would expect from the same people who forge documents to get a boost when they are behind.

    In the days where the consensus agreed that that sun traveled around the earth, there was a gentleman named Galileo who had other ideas on the subject. He proposed the earth was actually the one that schlepped its way around the sun. Those who controlled the “consensus” arrested Galileo, put him on trial, found him guilty, and made it very clear that if he did not comply with his sentence, he and William Wallace would have the opportunity to compare notes about unpleasant, torturous deaths in the afterlife.

    For the crime of contradicting the consensus with factual truth he was sentenced to recant his statements about who really revolved around whom, remained under house arrest for the remainder of his life, and his written works were all banned. The “consensus” can have a short fuse when the facts don’t break in their direction.

    Today the scientific agreement about Global Warming is nothing but a consensus of attrition. There are plenty of scientists who have produced evidence that contradicts the words that randomly fall from Al Gore’s mouth. In fact there is enough evidence to the contrary to not only start a an open dialogue about the veracity about the theory of global warming, but prove that anyone who still believes in it have their head stuck in a place that former NJ Governor James E. McGreevey would find attractive. Liberals don’t want a debate about this. They do very poorly in situations where crying is not an acceptable defense of an idea. So instead of defending their theory in the arena of ideas, they bully, discredit, and use their influence in the press, judiciary, and halls of education to squash anyone who brings forth any facts that proves them wrong. In short their consensus tends to browbeat everyone into agreement with them.

    The newest tool that the global warming crowd is using to intimidate people into the “consensus” is to portray disagreeing with Global Warming as equivalent to denying the existence of the Holocaust during World War II. This phrasing has made the jump from the left wing blogs to newspapers such as the Boston Globe. On February 9th, 2007 Globe columnist Ellen Goodman wrote the following: “I would like to say we're at a point where global warming is impossible to deny. Let's just say that global warming deniers are now on a par with Holocaust deniers”.

    Neither this wording nor the overall effort to equate fact based opposition to Global Warming with Holocaust deniers is accidental. In Europe denying the Holocaust is a crime. Here in the United States, denying what happened to Jews under Hitler may not be illegal, but it is definitely not smiled upon in the general public. Knowing liberals as we do, how long does anyone think it will be before they get the law involved with those who deny Global Warming? In Europe, the law already forbids anyone from denying the Holocaust. By equating Global Warming deniers with those who think that Auschwitz was simply a really unpleasant summer camp, opens the door to making it illegal in Europe for scientists to put forth information that proves Global Warming is a myth. If that happens all the leftists in the United States have to do is find judges like Supreme Court Justice Breyer, who believes that foreign law should be used as a reference point for the High Court. At that point Global
    Warming can become the law of the land.

    Debate is not an option when it comes to the topic of Global Warming. This is because Global Warming loses when the discussion is based on science and not who won the Oscar for best documentary. To protect the theory, any scientist who comes out against it with credible data is the target of professional and personal destruction. Add to that the fact that the seeds are being sown to make disagreement with this imagined global crisis a crime, and an atmosphere is created where there are serious consequences of not agreeing with a contingent of people who think gassy cows are destroying the planet. This bullying is dangerous because it will have a chilling effect on science (and not one caused by flatulent bovines). Research will stall for fear of Inquisitors in fetching green robes forcing people they don’t like to recant solid facts and apologize to Bette Midler for making her sad.

    First of all, objective observation suggests that the most ardent Global Warming apostles don’t believe in it themselves. They simply want to create an artificial crisis for political gain. Fox News, using public records, reported on February 27th, 2007 that Al Gore’s Tennessee home was putting out energy at a rate of 20 to 1 when compared with the middle class carbon hogs whose behavior they are trying to influence. In “carbon footprint” terms; if the rest of us are kicking the earth in the naughty bits while wearing a size 11 shoe, Al has gone OJ on the planet and is clomping away from the crime scene in size 220 Bruno Mali's.

    Gore was also instrumental in a concert tour that was intended to bring awareness about Global Warming to the unwashed masses that don’t watch the news, but know everything about Britney Spears. Chartering buses and planes to cart pampered celebrities and literally tons of material all over the world threw more pollutants into the air than every Memorial Day BBQ in the state of Texas combined. If these folks were serious about their environmental footprint, they wouldn’t be burning fossil fuels to send bands across the world; they could do one concert and just televise it via satellite. No, wait…that still takes too much energy. They could simply air a 30 second commercial that asks us to whistle a happy tune (preferably something from U2’s album “Actung Baby”). In short, getting the message out about global warming by sponsoring a concert tour is sort of like fixing Ted Kennedy’s sex and alcohol addictions by having him sip bourbon out of Shana Hiatt’s navel.

    Al’s hypocrisy is not unusual. Most of the folks who want to change the behavior of the people who inhabit “flyover country” engage in exactly the sort of energy wasting, pollutant creating practices that they claim will turn the planet into something that resembles the afterlife that Madelyn Murray O’Hare is probably enjoying.

    There probably IS a climate change going on. According to the geologic record there would be something very wrong with the world if the climate remained stable. Liberals want to turn the natural, sometimes violent, climate issues that are inherent with the planet into a control tool. Back in the seventies a record that reflected decades of cooling temperatures got leftists screaming about an impending ice age unless we all started walking everywhere and squatting in caves. The planet stubbornly refused to play along, so the theory had to be adjusted. Now instead of an ice age, we are headed for an everlasting heat wave that will kill all of our polar bears and result in Armadillos becoming the dominant species.

    The planet is still refusing to validate this idea and continues to suck up the excess water created by the thinning northern glaciers by expanding the southern glacial ice and facilitating a cooling trend in the Antarctic regions. So there is something going on here, and SUV’s are likely to have nothing to do with it.

    The Earth has home field advantage on climate issues, and has wiped out more species than Big Oil, Big Lumber, and Ted Nugent combined. Unfortunately, scientists may not be able to react to what may really be happening because the real answers refuse to validate Global Warming. This means that the world population as a whole will be completely unprepared when the earth decides to hit us upside the head with same sort of changes that destroyed a perfectly good ammonia/methane atmosphere by introducing a corrosive element called oxygen or creating the snowball earth phase (a time when the planet was fundamentally one big white glacier spinning through space). While we are all watching the Global Warming puppet show, a hurricane (in the metaphorical sense) could be building beyond sciences policy limited sight. This could do us great harm while we are arguing over fuel made from corn squeezings. Considering how the Democrats who control New Orleans and Louisiana reacted before and after Katrina, this would be consistent with their normal operating practices.

    Free Speech...Unless You Don't Agree

    Geez, this kind of crap from the left is so common I don't know why we even notice it any more. If you don't like what someone has to say, SHOUT THEM DOWN, SILENCE THEM!!! By all means don't try to carry on an intelligent debate. You should never do your own research or write your own book to refute an argument with which you disagree.

    Even if you state a fact that nobody disputes, if it is an uncomfortable fact for someone you will be shouted down and pilloried for stating it.

    Look at this story. It starts off by telling us that "The central figure, J. Michael Bailey, a psychologist at Northwestern University, has promoted a theory that his critics think is inaccurate, insulting and potentially damaging to transgender women." What is the response? Academic analysis? Research or presentation of facts to refute the theory?

    Hell no, this is the left we are talking about. They accused him of all kinds of crap. Basically, you throw enough dirt and the air is so cloudy no one can see the original issue. One "woman" accused him of having sex with her, but, of course, she doesn't want to talk about it to anyone who is trying to clear the air. And besides, he wasn't married at the time she claims they had sex, so big deal, if it's even true.

    Another couple of "girls" accused him of "researching" them without their permission. Turns out he didn't even mention them in the book.

    They accused him of conducting human research without telling the subjects they were, well, subjects. Of course, being told they were subjects of research may have altered the results, but it turns out he may not have been doing "research" after all:
    Moreover, based on her own reading of federal regulations, Dr. Dreger, whose report can be viewed at, argued that the book did not qualify as scientific research. The federal definition describes “a systematic investigation, including research development, testing and evaluation.”

    Dr. Bailey used the people in his book as anecdotes, not as the subjects of a systematic investigation, she reported.
    Oh, what was the controversy you ask? Well, certainly it was something so outlandish, so completely and utterly false, so destructive to the fabric of society that it justified attempting to destroy him.

    He "intended to explain the biology of sexual orientation and gender to a general audience."
    Many sex researchers who have worked with Dr. Bailey say that he is a solid scientist and collaborator, who by his own admission enjoys violating intellectual taboos.

    In his book, he argued that some people born male who want to cross genders are driven primarily by an erotic fascination with themselves as women. This idea runs counter to the belief, held by many men who decide to live as women, that they are the victims of a biological mistake — in essence, women trapped in men’s bodies. Dr. Bailey described the alternate theory, which is based on Canadian studies done in the 1980s and 1990s, in part by telling the stories of several transgender women he met through a mutual acquaintance. In the book, he gave them pseudonyms, like “Alma” and “Juanita.”
    The response? Basically, "I don't like what you wrote, or even that you dared to broach the subject."
    But days after the book appeared, Lynn Conway, a prominent computer scientist at the University of Michigan, sent out an e-mail message comparing Dr. Bailey’s views to Nazi propaganda. She and other transgender women found the tone of the book abusive, and the theory of motivation it presented to be a recipe for further discrimination.

    Dr. Conway did not respond to requests for an interview.

    Dr. Ben Barres, a neurobiologist at Stanford, said in reference to Dr. Bailey’s thesis in the book, “Bailey seems to make a living by claiming that the things people hold most deeply true are not true.”
    A Nazi? What the hell, lady, or whatever you are? How many people has he killed? Why don't you go to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, and see if you still feel this applies? Does Dr. Bailey have a stack of thousands of shoes in his backyard from innocents he has killed? Oh, wait, you won't answer these questions, will you? You prefer to send out horrible e-mails and then refuse to discuss them. Won't even try to defend your smears, will you?

    The basic message from Dr. Conway and Dr. Barres, as is typical of these types of attacks from the left, is that they got their feeling hurt because he claimed "thins people hold most deeply true are not true." Oh, boo freakin' hoo. Get a box of tissues and go have a good cry.

    Lefty Blogger Sues Fred Thompson

    Perpetuating the stereotype that activist lefties have way too much time on their hands because they don't actually have jobs...

    Lefty Blogger Lane Hudson (News For The Left) has filed an FEC complaint against Fred Thompson. Either he's a giant loser that has no life, or a brilliant schemer in ways to get traffic to his formerly insignificant blog.

    Here's what he wrote:

    "..Fred Thompson is breaking the law and it's time somebody did something about it. So, this morning, I filed an FEC Complaint against him. For far too long, he has been ignoring the letter and spirit of Federal Election Law for his own political benefit. It reeks of the same disregard for the law that we have seen from the Bush Administration, Bob Ney, Duke Cunningham, Tom Delay, and Mark Foley.

    By filing this complaint, posted below, the FEC can now proceed with action to right this injustice. According to FEC regulations, Thompson will have 15 days to respond to the complaint. Then, their lawyers will write an opinion on the basis of the complaint.

    It is my contention that he has violated the 'testing the waters' exemption of election law. He has been presenting himself as a candidate for President, he has been raising large sums of money beyond what would be required to explore a possible candidacy, and he has signed a long term lease on a headquarters for his campaign. He has even spent advertising dollars, which are specifically prohibited by the law.

    Up to this point, no one has taken the time to take action against this abuse. I hope that the FEC will act quickly on this issue. Failure to do so will contribute to further corruption of the American political process..."

    You can read the text of the complaint at his site and give him his second round at 15 minutes... BTW, if Lane Hudson rings a bell, it's because he's the dude that said Mark Foley hit on him. I left a comment there -I couldn't resist.

    This is pretty exciting for the Thompson supporters. I'm so glad to see he has the left so worked up and so nervous he has them acting preemptively (I thought they hated that word!)

    More over at Stop the ACLU.


    Don't stare into Fred Thompson. Even with polarized sunglasses or one of those pinhole thingies.

    Global Warming Update:

    Um, I'd like some please. It's AUGUST and I am wearing a hoodie as I type this. Sixty degrees in AUGUST. Looking for the polar ice caps? Well, it seems they're here in Philly...

    It's Official...

    ...I'm in love.

    I'm not sure if it's with King Leonidas or Frank Miller though...or maybe even Queen Gorgo.

    "Freedom is not free, it requires great sacrifice. The price is paid in blood."

    (Yeah, I know, I'm a giant loser that just finally got around to finishing 300. You know I've been busy if I put off scantily clothed Spartans and mass killing of "Muslim" armies...)

    Tuesday, August 21, 2007

    A Tribute to Sgt. Charles Kitowski III
    By Zelda

    I received this email from my friend, Sgt. Charles B. Kitowski III on April 5, 2005 after a party to send him off for basic. It is so hard to write about him because he meant a great deal to me. I’ve been trying to find the words to do him justice, but I think his are better:

    Thanks to everyone for coming out. Some of you I haven't seen in quite a while, and it was great to catch up. As you can imagine, this hasn't been an easy decision (and the prep a pain in the ass), but everyone has been so supportive, even congratulatory. I can't tell you how much that means. I left Saturday night feeling truly blessed. I look at all my good friends and the caliber of people I know - I feel proud. I know this trip is only for training so I don't mean to be sappy or overdramatic. But most of you are aware that I will probably see action soon after, as some of you and many of our friends already have. Yeah it makes me quite nervous, but when I look at who I'll come home to, I consider it an honor.

    Anyway, enough rough stuff. I know I'll be missing some weddings and birthdays and christenings and I'm sorry, but congrats where applicable and we'll just have to party twice.

    Special thanks to Big-D for getting us the keg. Love you bro, and we'll have many more.

    See you all this fall. Wish me luck and I'll be in touch.



    This was a brave, kind man who truly laid down his life not only for his friends, but all of us. Everyone was always included in his acts of kindness.

    Jethro and I have been overcome with grief over the past week as may have been evidenced by a few drunken comments. I apologize for the breach of etiquette, but his loss has been monumentally tragic.

    He was the only child of two very loving parents. His birthday was only two days before his death. He left behind a girlfriend he planned on proposing to as soon as he returned.

    I can honestly say I’ve never been to a harder funeral. And I buried my father when I was 15. The Patriot Guard Riders came on their bikes and gave him a hero’s sendoff. I know he would have thought that was extremely cool.

    As the funeral procession made its way slowly through the town’s quiet streets, we saw the people come out of their houses to line the road. They were holding flags and signs in honor of our friend and the old veterans stood proudly and saluted.

    The fire station made an arch with their firetruck ladders and flew the flag from it while we all passed through.

    The burial was beautiful and terrible. I’d never been to a military graveside service before, but I knew the protocol. You’d think it would become meaningless after so much repetition, but it doesn’t. It’s almost as if the respect and honor increases with each fallen hero. And the glory of each carries over to the next.

    I placed my hand on the casket and said goodbye, blinded by tears, and overcome by his sacrifice.

    Charles, l loved you so much and will miss you every single day. Thank you for your service, your kindness, and your friendship.

    (Zelda's site: Sleeping Ugly)


    I've been reading Blood, Tears and Folly by Len Deighton for a few days now. It's funny how many parallels there are between the appeasement leading up to WWII and what is going on now with militant Islam, the religion of violence.

    Most of us have heard the stories about Hitler enslaving the populations of the countries he dominated, using them in factories, etc. How the Dutch word "sabot" for shoe (or clog) might be the origin of the word "sabotage." They would "clog" up the machinery when forced to work. I've read about German Jews eating parts of weapons to avoid building the weapons correctly.

    This video makes me think of those stories. Wouldn't it be cool if someone in the weapons factory deliberately sabotaged this mortar?

    UPDATE: The original link was to YouTube, where they are no longer hosting the video. Bram found it at LiveLeak:

    Thanks, Bram. I'll try to convince ALa to give you one year's free subscription to Blonde Sagacity.

    "Sticking With the U.S."

    "We appreciate you sticking up for the U.S. We think you're right," one woman told Thompson. At the soapbox Thompson had voiced his impatience with the U.S. feeling that it has to apologize for every move in the world it makes. "This nation has shed more blood bringing peace to others," Thompson said. "I'm tired of apologizing for being the United State of America."
    I am so tired of people acting like what the rest of the world thinks of the U.S. is the most important issue of the day. I say, "Defend ourselves first and then, maybe, worry about the rest of you."

    After all, when it is all said and done, they will agree with us anyway. If everybody in the world hates the U.S., why did Germany, Australia and France elect pro-U.S. governments after the beginning of the current war.

    Perhaps it's jealousy. There's not a country in the world that can compare with the U.S. in military strength, industrial capability, financial power or even, doggone it, being happy and well, people do really like me, us, I mean, the U.S.