Tuesday, July 17, 2007

You Give Law...A Bad Name

Do lawyers ever stop to wonder why there are 2,400,000 pages that come up if you type "lawyer jokes" into Google? Do they care? I'm not talking underpaid and overworked ADAs, but the advertise in daytime television, slip and fall, stay out of work by suing anyone for everything lawyers.

Yesterday as I was cleaning I had on the local Fox channel that plays all the judge shows (who knew there were so many now!) and I kept hearing this one particular commercial. I'm going to paraphrase, but this was basically the monologue:

["If you should happen to trip and fall on anyone's property, regardless of the situation, call us and we'll be the bulldogs you need to go after them and every penny you deserve and that the law allows."]

I find this ad to be particularly loathsome. Regardless of the circumstances? So your encouraging people that are watching court TV all day to call you because they got drunk and tripped over their neighbor's garden wall? What an odious ad and law firm. I want to buy an ad that says, "Stop sitting home contemplating who you can sue and get a job!"

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