Saturday, July 07, 2007

Why the left CAN NOT be underestimated in '08:

This hot chick has a "Crush on Obama":

And the Clintons re-do the Sopranos finale:

Brilliant. Kudos to the politcos that brainstormed these. Seriously.

The Dems are embracing the World Wide Web and reaching out to the younger generation while the Repubs are... I have no idea what they're doing. Oh Yeah, they're ensuring the party stays as unhip as possible by whining over Kid Rock singing at the RNC Convention. Lighten up indeed. Actually wise up or become extinct.

The GOP needs to step up to the plate and accept that the "new media" is here to stay. This is NOT the party of the old white guy anymore. Gen X is here and many of us are Conservatives, but we're also White, Black, Filipino and Mexican. We're straight, gay and trans-gendered. We're men and women. We listen to Metallica, Rage Against the Machine and the Sex Pistols. We cherish family values, but we don’t believe they should be legislated. We're here and we're hipper than you and many of us have strong libertarian leanings...Accept us or lose us to the first libertarian/Independent candidate that isn't writing for

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