Monday, July 09, 2007

Tiller May Finally Be Held Accountable

Remember Dr. George Tiller...the Partial Birth Abortion King?

"Dr. George Tiller is trying to avoid being prosecuted on misdemeanor charges by challenging the constitutionality of a Kansas law requiring him to get a second, independent doctor to sign off on late-term abortions of viable fetuses.

In the past, courts have seen such requirements as too burdensome for women who want to end their pregnancies. In one U.S. Supreme Court decision in 1973 - a companion to the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling - the court said one doctor's clinical judgment "should be sufficient."

But Tiller's legal challenge appears to be an iffy proposition at best, despite the legal precedents his attorneys cited in asking to have the law invalidated and the 19 charges against him dismissed. His timing seems wrong, as if he's starting five or six years too late to strike down the law.

President Bush's appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court are the reason. When Justice Samuel Alito joined the court in January 2006, four months after Chief Justice John Roberts, it became more receptive to state restrictions on abortion.

"No case cited in the past by Dr. Tiller is going to have the same weight that it did then because we have a new Supreme Court," said Mathew Staver, founder of the conservative Liberty Counsel. "It's a new day." (source)

Pro or Anti abortion, this man should disgust you. Even if you believe that it's not a baby and just a choice --you shouldn't want a man that covers up rape and incest practicing with carte blanche because he has expensive lawyers.

Speaking of abortion, I did find an article that surprised me --though totally against my views, it is one of the most honest things I've read from a pro-abort:

"I am not pro abortion because I’m mixed up in my head when it comes to deciding when life actually begins. I am willing to believe that a child becomes a child the second the sperm enters the egg. I am even willing to concede that abortion kills a child no matter how early the procedure is performed. I just don’t care.

Nor am I pro abortion because I believe that the government should keep its hand off of a woman’s body or she that she has a right to choose. On the contrary, I don’t believe all women should have the right to choose. I don’t think everyone is capable of making the right choice.

I am pro abortion simply because sometimes death is more merciful than life. What good is bringing an unwanted child into the world so it can lead a miserable, desolate, pointless life? Someone truly compassionate will kindly end a life before they’d force a child to live in pain and agony." (Violent Acres)

(*Of course her premise is flawed because her post is based on her assumption that pro-choice advocates don't do anything beyond being against abortion --but my family took in foster kids for years from 3 days old to 18 years old. As did many of the families involved with Operation Rescue)

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