Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"The Surge"

July 24, 2007: The surge has basically been chasing the terrorist and criminal gangs around the suburbs of Baghdad, or even into northern or western Iraq. This has taken its toll. Time spent in flight cannot be spent planting IEDs or killing people. Putting all these guys on the road, also makes them more susceptible to capture. A lot of important terrorists have been captured this way. The chief liaison between al Qaeda headquarters and al Qaeda in Iraq was nabbed, as well as many mid-level terrorist cell leaders.

What most of the troops, and Iraqi civilians, notice is the lower level of violence. Since the surge offensive began four months ago, Iraqi (military and civilian) deaths have declined by more than 50 percent, and American casualties are down by over a third. (Strategy Page)
And the American public, despite the best efforts of the MSM, is noticing.
I am not in Iraq. I have no idea if the Surge is working overseas. But back home, the Surge seems to be working. The latest New York Times/CBS News poll shows a small surge in American public support of the war.

Asked if military action in Iraq was right or wrong, 42% said right, 51% said wrong.

That’s up from the 35/61 split in May. This would indicate the public could come back around.

Asked if U.S. efforts in Iraq are going well or badly, the split was 32/61 — up from 25/74 in May.

Of course, the public is in a lousy position to judge the war. The Tet offense devastated the Viet Cong military, but was a public relations disaster for the Republic of Vietnam and the American military.

Al-Qaeda’s success rests solely in outlasting American will because it cannot withstand American might. (source)

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