Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Red on Red Crime

Wow, the Lefty commie groups can't even get along with each other... I doubt you'll ever see a Protest Warrior and a Freeper going it at it, but a Code Pinker (actually their leader Medea Benjamin) was pied by a "Baker Without Borders"...

Here are their grievances with the head Co-Pinker:

"In particular, we hold Medea Benjamin accountable for:

- Publicly siding with the police and municipal authorities against direct actions performed at the World Trade Organization protests of 1999.

- Administrative authority in an organization that hordes funds raised for community organizations in Guatemala

- Administrative authority in an organization that solicited the economic dependency of residents in Cuba and then abandoned the project, pushing the Cuban participants deeper into poverty.

- Acting as self-appointed spokesperson of the "American Left". One egregious example is publicly refusing to endorse a call by hundreds of Lebanese citizens for Israel to unconditionally withdraw from Southern Lebanon in the 2006 war, claiming that the American Left would not swallow such a demand.

- Exploiting and dominating movement space, resources, and publicity in the global justice and associated movements." (source)

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