Monday, July 09, 2007

Perverted Legal Aid Lawyer Busted

"A Legal Aid Society lawyer was charged in Manhattan yesterday with sneaking a camcorder disguised as a clock into the offices of his young female colleagues so he could videotape them as they changed in and out of their business suits.

From 2004 until last October, attorney Peter Barta, 32, switched the motion-activated device in and out of at least five women's offices in the Legal Aid's TriBeCa suite, and succeeded in capturing nude images of at least one of them, prosecutors said.

But the criminal defense lawyer was eventually outfoxed by his foxy prey.

One of his victims realized she had a peeping Tom on her hands when she found a picture of the same mysterious, reappearing clock in a copy of a catalog for The Sharper Image - under the heading, "Security Camcorder Hidden in a Clock." (source)

What's really sad is in this society with women microwaving their babies, priests diddling little boys and sex offenders burying little girls alive after raping them...this doesn't seem all that bad. I guess that's what they mean by conditioning...

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