Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pathetic Internet Rumors, Instigated by Pathetic People

I've met one of the pathetic people out there spreading the "Fred Thompson is gay" rumor. I wish this person's readers met her too, and I doubt they'd be readers any longer. Ugh. This person was unbearable --like stick an ice-pick in your own head to escape her self-serving blathering unbearable. She's probably one of those grown women that wears Crocs. Anyway, don't bother looking in the "Bloggers I've Met" section, I've met a slew of far lefty Bloggers that aren't listed there because then I'd have to link them... (Her page views have doubled in the past week though, so I guess mission accomplished on her account)

Both Wonkette and Andrew Sullivan have partaken in the whisper mill also...
This from the Wonkette article:
"This is good news for Fred Thompson. The man has had a colorful and wide-ranging sex life, as I’m sure we will soon find out.

OMG, are we 12 years old?

But infinitely more ridiculous than the "he's gay" thang is this inane HuffPo article:

"There is a growing controversy about a politician smack in the center of the presidential nomination process. Its revelation has sent shock waves through his party. Terrifying the party's very base. The problem is ghastly. Ghastly!:

His wife is blond, beautiful and younger than him.

Okay, without even being aware of the details, you just know the party in question is the GOP. Yes, Republicans are up in arms upon discovering that Fred Thompson has an attractive wife.
Gadzooks. This is insane just on oh-so many levels." (source)

He goes on to say that *we* assume she's an actress and *we* didn't realize she was a lawyer and *we're* SO upset. Republicans that is. Hey Robert, what Republicans are you talking to? Do you actually know any? I want names and sourcing and quotes because you are full of shit and I'm calling you out to produce a measly THREE actual Republicans (not Andrew Sullivan or Arlen Spector) that are upset about Jeri Kahn "being pretty". You are a tool.

One of the first articles lauding her beauty AND brains is still being linked all over the internet and I know for a fact it was written by a Republican because it was me...

This has little to do with defending FDT, I'm sure he can handle that just fine on his own accord, but in pointing out the complete immature bullshit that comprises the left'o'sphere. It's SO tediously boring at this point. It's always the same...accuse said politician of being tied "tightly" the policies of the Bush administration, claim they used to be pro-abortion (maybe get real crazy and accuse an ex of actually having one), and if all else fails...float "gay" rumors. Yawn.

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