Thursday, July 26, 2007

Party of Corruption

Raise your hand if you are willing to be corrupt, if you have been corrupt, if the only thing about which you care is your power, if you plan to be corrupt tomorrow. Is a day without corruption a wasted day?
Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s aides, including one of his closest advisers, improperly used the State Police to gather information about the governor’s chief rival, Joseph L. Bruno, the State Senate majority leader, in an effort to plant a negative story about Mr. Bruno and damage him politically, according to a report on Monday by the attorney general’s office.

Spitzer aides, chiefly his communications director, Darren Dopp, concocted a false story for why the information was being gathered, saying the governor’s office acted after receiving a press request seeking details of Mr. Bruno’s use of state aircraft, the report said. (source)
I know the article references his aides, but Spitzer is all about Spitzer. None of this happens without his encouragement. When he was Attorney General he ruined multiple companies with bullshit indictments and investigations, many of which had to be dropped for lack of substance after he moved up and on. So he just hurt a few bigwigs on top of some companies, huh? What about that retired company who lives on investment income and lost big time when the stock tanked? Bastard.

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