Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Now that's a sausage!

A former Mitsubishi executive is suing his ex-em ployer because a co-worker allegedly took a picture of his penis after a booze-fueled karaoke bash - and his boss compared it to an "Italian sausage."

In his suit filed in Manhattan federal court last month, James Bonomo, a former paper sales manager for Mitsubishi International Corp., alleged that his career effectively ended after the humiliating incident during what should have been a routine business trip to China in April 2005. (source)
I don't know, dude, maybe it was getting drunk and letting your schlong hang out that was the problem. See, if you had get your trouser snake in it's pen, nobody could have taken a picture of it. Now, if I were your boss, I would interpret your actions as showing a decided lack of judgement. I might even fire you.

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