Saturday, July 21, 2007

No Fear

When I want the boys to experience nature activities...I call my dad. The Man wishes the entire world was concrete and stainless steel. I enjoy the outdoors -not enough to poo in the woods or not shower for a week climbing some mountain- but normal outdoor activities.

So, 92alpha and I took the boys on their first canoe trip yesterday. I thought my shoulders would be sore today from the paddling, but actually it's just my butt from that aluminum seat...

The little one was scared to death and I had to forcibly put him into the canoe as he screamed his head off and frightened away all the wildlife. Yes, I am that mom. I will not accept fear of the unknown. If you do it and hate it -fine, you don't have to do it again. I hate when parents strengthen each and every fear their child exhibits by giving in and thereby validating it. Now, I guess I took the chance of scarring him for life, but as soon as we started and he saw the turtles, bullfrogs, water snakes and fish he was enamored. When we docked he said he was really glad I made him do it and wants to go again.

It turned out to be an incredibly peaceful day (Aside from the overly aggressive water snake that felt he could take on our canoe that is...)

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