Thursday, July 12, 2007

Near Death by Bikini Wax...?

"'Brazilian' bikini waxes are increasingly popular among women who live nowhere near the bikini-clad beaches of Rio de Janeiro. For one 20-year-old woman in Melbourne, Australia, this routine procedure nearly took her life.

The woman was admitted to an emergency room just two weeks after receiving a the Brazilian bikini wax, a procedure that involves removing even more hair front-to-back than a traditional bikini wax, according to the Brief Report published online in the June issue of the journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases.

"Our case is notable, because it illustrates the infectious risks of pubic hair removal in a patient with diabetes," the authors concluded. "The beauty industry is growing at an unprecedented rate and more invasive and potentially harmful procedures are increasingly available."

The authors of the report warn that anyone with a compromised immune system, including diabetics and people infected with HIV, should think twice about waxing, or any beauty procedure.

While the patient experienced "significant pain" and some bleeding during the procedure, which was performed by a trainee beauty therapist, her health had taken a sharp turn for the worse by the time she sought medical attention..." (source)

Though I appreciate that more women are attending to these matters (as they should), I just don't get the waxing have to wait for too much to grow in before it can be done again. Though I see from this story that there is much more to worry about than the 5 o'clock shadow...

(H/T: Liz)

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