Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Little Things that Kill

Recently Hillary Clinton wore a low cut blouse on the floor of the Senate. Seeing as she is unlikely to make the Maxim Hot 100 list or any other list that wasn’t written by somebody who has a fetish for matronly women with cankles, there had to be another reason for this.

Trying to catch Bill’s wandering eye is one possibility for assaulting the nation with this unrequested show of skin. Seeing as he was heard muttering the words “to little, to late” on his way to the cafeteria where all the women from the Capital Hill secretarial pool and interns hang out, it is unlikely her cleavage was aimed in his general direction.

Recently Elizabeth Edwards made comments that challenged the femininity of the Democrat Frontrunner and suggested Hillary was acting like a man. Hillary responded by sexually harassing the entire nation. Of course she denied that her unusual choice of wardrobe was a response to the words of Mrs. Edwards.

Hillary denying that her gratuitous show of bosom was a response to the opinions of a political opponent was not unlike her assertion that she had found out about Monica Lewinsky along with the rest of the world during Bill’s televised confession. For anyone to believe either of these claims, we must believe that this woman is so clueless that the morning sunrise takes her by complete surprise.

Bill and Hillary are not dumb, they are political animals who don’t behave from a core set of values (or at least not ones they will admit to in public), but rather let focus groups determine their public actions. The flap over Hillary’s show of cleavage is no different from the fact that her recent hard left turn has put her family values stance in question. As a response, suddenly there are 40 year old letters that have been published by the Main Stream Media that position Hillary as somebody who hates drugs and looks with disfavor upon those who have sex before marriage. These letters were an effort to give her the sort of family values “street cred” that her voting record and public behavior simply don’t support.

In truth, the Clinton’s internal polling probably told them that the nation pretty much agreed with what Elizabeth Edwards had to say about Hillary behaving like she had a Y chromosome. The low cut blouse was a bizarre form of damage control. If she were going to be intellectually honest about the whole thing, she may as well have written “Got Femininity?” across her chest.

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