Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Little Things that Kill...

We had no water yesterday. Isn't that lovely. The hottest day of the year. I called the water company freaking out...

The operator in the most monotone voice you've ever heard: "Oh, sorry, your water is off? They must have done the wrong house. They went out today to shut off a house on your street."

"Well mine if off. I have two little kids, is 40,000 degrees and since I pay my bill and wasn't expecting to come home to no water I HAVE NO WATER. Do you realize this is the THIRD time this has happened in the five years we have lived here?! Will someone come right out?!"

"No. It'll be a while."

I won't even get into the rest of the conversation, or the conversation when The Man called back --that one ended with her saying "I don't have to remain on the phone if you're going to speak to me like that..."

How come when companies screw up there's no accountability. I had to miss karate because I couldn't take a shower, not to mention the half washed clothes in the washing machine, or the dishes getting nasty in the dishwasher. What will I get from them? Maybe a sorry.

This would all be courtesy of that monopoly, AQUA PA. There is NO ROOM FOR ERROR when you are shutting off people’s utilities. There should never be a "we got the wrong house".

And while all these phone calls were going on I was momentarily distracted by the fact that my seat was a bit more comfortable than usual (see picture).

And on a more positive note, the new tortellini salad recipe I tried was a hit (see pic).

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