Friday, July 06, 2007


The first an Independence day message from a Marine in Iraq:

"Here in Iraq, there is sure to be a barbecue somewhere, chowhalls supplying steaks and lobsters to throw on dusty grills. Marines will undoubtedly come in off patrol to the smell of cooking meat and the promise of a country music concert here on the camp.

The vast majority of troops, though, are continuing to fight, and that is the real story...

The stakes are high. But let there be no confusion: We are here to win, and we are winning. The tribes have awoken, the enemy is fractured but still fighting tenaciously, and the Iraqis are working with us to ensure a stable province in Anbar.

Seemingly every day something momentous is achieved: a school is opened; security in Fallujah is strengthened; local tribesmen join the fight against Al Qaeda.

So please, with all sincerity, enjoy the Independence Day celebrations. Spend time with your families, savor your hamburgers and hotdogs, have a cold one (or two) for us. We will be here, doing that which must be done.

That's what we're here for." (fightin6thmarines)

The other an ad in Craig's List for Anti-War activists ($400/wk and housing):

"Field Organizers for national campaign targeting congressional and senate votes to end War in Iraq needed in Michigan, Virginia, Minnesota and Maine. Political organizing and campaign training for motivated activists; weekly stipend, housing and gas expenses paid.

Career-minded Political Organizers needed for summer campaign for safe redeployment out of Iraq, targeting congressional and senate war votes in selected states/districts. Job involves organizing direct pressure on Members of Congress all summer, culminating in a challenge to “Take a Stand” on the war in late August. You will be assigned a region or state to organize community and state leaders, students, churches, veterans, etc. You will receive training in political messaging, earned media, legislative tracking, grassroots organizing, visibility and other tools of a public campaign.

This is an incredibly meaningful campaign with real results. For those wishing to further a career in politics, the timing and training involved is a great opportunity to situate yourself for '08 races as an experienced campaigner." (source)

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