Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Haditha, revisited

Yet another Marine has won a court victory in the investigation of the battle at Haditha – adding more doubts to the claims of a massacre. In this case, the officer conducting an Article 32 hearing (equivalent to a grand jury hearing in civilian courts) has ruled that charges should be dropped. In essence, the claims of a massacre at Haditha are now looking false. That said, al Qaeda, through some adept media manipulation, has still won a victory. (read the rest)
I don't think I'm gonna hold my breath waiting for the Honorable Mr. Murtha to apologize for calling our troops cold-blooded murderers. As far as the anti-war fanatics are concerned, Haditha is over and done with. Those issues have been properly adjudicated in the court of public opinion and contributed to the weakening of public support for President Bush and the war effort. This was Murtha's goal, anyway. Oh, and to distract from his own corrupt activities.

What is wrong with so much of our society today that a group, in this case the anti-war weirdos, can go out and say something ridiculous and false and it is believed, just because they shout it loudly and repetitively? I know quite a few very intelligent people who fall for this kind of stuff because they don't pay as much attention as we do.

And for that matter, what the heck is the matter with the Republicans, this White House and the folks in power who support the WoT and the troops? Why aren't they openly criticizing crap like Murtha puts out? And I mean blatant, vocal, directed criticism. They can't trust the majority of the American public to be informed well enough to understand an oblique reference or criticism.

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