Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Guest Post: by Brian Cherry
"Revenge of the Nerds"

"There is a quote from the film “The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers” that is appropriate to the crashing and burning of immigration bill: "The battle for Helms Deep is over...the battle for Middle Earth is about to begin". This statement may be foreign to anybody who doesn’t have a Starfleet tattoo hidden somewhere on their body, or a picture of Princess Leia in the gold bikini lovingly stored in a Mylar bag under their mattress.

Despite its general pop-culture obscurity the quote is relevant to the current political reality for two reasons. A) Ted Kennedy bore a remarkable resemblance to one of the pig nosed orcs that stormed the “Helms Deep” stronghold as he bounced around the Senate floor trying to drum up last minute support for the immigration bill. B) The struggle over immigration was a massive fight that served as an undercard to a much bigger fight to come.

Anybody who doesn’t think that there is visceral anger in Washington D.C. over how the immigration debacle ended is the sort of clueless dupe who would have naively trusted Dr. Josef Mengele if he asked them to turn their head and cough. Fortunately these sorts of people don’t tend to vote in anything more socially relevant than the American Idol finals. At least we can thank them for Carrie Underwood.
Yes, Washington is ablaze with anger today. Many of them were so professionally, politically, and emotionally invested in passing an illegal alien amnesty bill that its death probably felt like a partial birth abortion of a child that they really did want. The blame for killing this bill has been put squarely on the shoulders of the talk radio industry; a burden they are probably happy to bear. It is no coincidence though that the talk of a fairness doctrine has surfaced at the precise time that conservative radio personalities are perceived to be at their most powerful.

Let’s get one thing straight, Laura Ingraham didn’t kill this Bill, nor did Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity; the reaction of the people is what syringed a fatal load of blue juice into this piece of irresponsible legislation. The politicians know this. Talk radio has been declared public enemy #1 on the floor of the Senate because they committed the unpardonable sin of actually informing the electorate instead of simply pandering to them. Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the Congressional hole in the head gang like their voters the way Pavlov liked his dogs: conditioned. Life is much harder for these Congressional gas bags when the voters behave more like the dogs that Michael Vick gravitates toward instead of a pooch that drools on command.

Democrats exercised their anger over what they see as the murder of the Kennedy Amnesty bill by beginning debate on the Senate floor over forcing their version of “fairness” on the talk radio industry. Remember, when liberals talk about “fairness”, it is spoken with all the sincerity of an invitation to a friendly dinner from Jeffrey Dahmer.

It is no surprise that liberals want to get rid of talk radio before the 2008 election. If Hillary is going to win, she will need cover from the mainstream media and absolutely no dissenting voices screaming her personal and professional history from the rooftops. For example; only talk radio was mentioning that Hillary voted to give illegal aliens amnesty. Considering the reaction from the people it will take the sort of flip-flop and spin that could only be done by an Olympic gymnast to get her on the right side of this topic with any credibility in tact.
Anyone watching a liberal in congress would have to come to the inevitable conclusion that they have the sort of intellect that suggests lead laden paint chips were part of their diet as a child. Despite that, even the most stupid person learns that if they stick a fork in an electrical outlet, bad things happen. Chances are they won’t do it again. The huge backlash during the immigration bill debate will be tiny compared to what the public reaction will be if they try to shut down talk radio. So why are they going to try this?

One doesn’t poke a bear unless they are holding a shotgun loaded with hollow point shells. Perhaps the Democrats feel that the Republican Rinos will be with them in their efforts to push the “fairness doctrine” through Congress. This idea only works in theory though. Once it gets to the President’s desk, and he vetoes the legislation, there are not enough votes in either house to override his veto. So it is possible that the liberals would not put themselves on this suicidal path unless they had a reasonable expectation that good things will happen when the time comes for Bush to sign this sort of Stalinist legislation.

Make no mistake, President Bush wanted amnesty for illegal’s very badly. He is as emotionally invested in this issue as he is in the war on terror. This viewpoint is an infection that runs deep through the entire Bush family. Today he is a very angry President. Despite the moderate tone he is furious at the Republicans who didn’t go for the bill, talk radio for spilling the beans on this the truth about this legislation, and the people who shut down the Congressional phone system with angry calls.

Anger may be a good catalyst for him to think warm thoughts about shutting down the Rush Limbaugh wing of the media, but is probably not enough to get him to do it. What will get his hand to put his John Hancock on the “fairness dcoctrine” are the 2008 elections.

As it stands right now, the Republican Presidential nominee will probably be Fred Thompson or Rudy Giuliani. Both of these candidates were about as excited about granting illegal aliens’ amnesty as they presumabley would be about playing spin the bottle with Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Al Franken. In other words, if one of them becomes President, amnesty will not happen for a very long time, if ever. Despite what the mainstream media says, Hillary Clinton’s public record is a very moist dream for anyone creating attack ads. She makes Walter Mondale look like Ronald Reagan in many ways. This makes her a heavily flawed candidate and a potential piñata for anyone who wants expose her record. Add to this the fact that she is not personable, and a presidential hopeful with all the public appeal of a dust mite.

President Bush may sign the fairness doctrine not only out of anger, but also out of a pathological need to grant these illegal aliens blanket amnesty and sow the seeds of the North American or hemispheric union that Bush 41 put on his Christmas wish list along with a spine, a pony, and a flesh eating virus in Ross Perot’s Count Chocula cereal.

Will Bush do this? We don’t know. He will never run for public office again, and has nothing to lose, so it is not outside the realm of possibility. Now matter how clear his vision is on the War on Terror, he seems to have cataracts when it comes to border security and illegal immigration. His irrational view on this topic may become an irrational action that will kill the talk radio industry. It would be in our best interests to not even take a chance on it getting to his desk. Let’s get this thing killed before it gets out of Congress. Hopefully you all have kept your Senators office numbers on speed dial, I feel another fight coming."

(*Brian is a senior writer for the New Media Journal and thinking of joining the crew here at Blonde Sagacity)

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