Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Found Treasures

A favorite pastime for my boys is rooting around in the closets and dormers at my mom's house. Considering I am the oldest of five children (thrown together with the various foster kids over the years) there seems to be a never ending supply of "cool stuff" stashed away up there just waiting to be "discovered."

Their most recent find? "Butterfly"

My beloved field hockey stick (named for a famous boxer's quote).

Just holding that stick again brought back SO many memories (don't you love when that happens?) I can't tell you how much I loved playing... Well, maybe you can guess by how abused the stick is.

Playing Center Forward (and sometimes Right Wing)I broke every finger at least once, fractured three toes, still sport countless dents in my shins despite the shin guards, and somehow thought it was okay to share a mouth guard if it was dipped in the community Gatorade before the next person used it. One of the few regrets I have is quitting the team the year after I got MVP so I could spend more time with my then-boyfriend... There's nothing more frustrating than a teenager that thinks they're in love.

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