Friday, July 20, 2007

The "Deliverance" Vote

The Classic media vision of the south involves banjos, folks with overalls that are only being held up with only one strap, and the words “Squeal like a Pig!” These same three stereotypes also comprised the major agenda items for Bill Clinton’s meetings with new interns during the “I Fell your Pain” days of Presidency.

Whether being southern involves crimes against nature with Ned Beatty look-alikes or using chubby interns as cigar snippers, it is not something most folks from the state of Michigan aspire to being.

According to the NAACP, Michigan is now the new Mississippi. Why is a mitten shaped, far north state officially lumped in with the states south of the Mason-Dixon Line? Because in an act of open racism, the Michigan State Supreme court decided yesterday that requiring a photo ID before voting does not violate the 14th Amendment (the amendment guaranteeing the right to vote).

In the good ol’ days, racism involved wearing your best bed sheet to a meeting that ended with a few choruses of Kum ba ya while burning a cross on the lawn of your African descended neighbor. This brand of aggressive racism has been properly stigmatized and generally eliminated from the American scene everywhere except for West Virginia (where this form of racism is a prerequisite for Senatorial service). This doesn’t mean the word has gone away though.

“Racism” is now the illogical argument that is used when liberals are trying to pull a fast one on the public in general. In their current tantrum, they cannot come up with a reasonable position on why showing a photo ID before voting is a bad idea, so they go back to saying this violates some sort of racial sensitivities.

According to proponents of voting without proving you are who you say you are, the price of an ID will be an anchor around the necks of the poor. In the State of Michigan, as well as most other places, a driver’s license or state identification costs less then a “50 cent” CD. This puts into perspective just how ridiculous the cost argument is when talking about why black voters cannot get photo identification. Maybe next they will try to convince us that NAACP members fear that having their picture taken also steals their soul.

It is no coincidence that 18 months away from a very important presidential election, one that will define how we will continue to fight the war on terror, this issue is coming up more and more. States across the country are facing legal challenges to their election laws, and being castigated as racists for forcing voters to properly identify themselves. For some reason the pursuit of racial equality also opens the door for massive voter fraud.

These challenges to election laws are going to intensify before November of 2008. The attempt to ease certain inconvenient restrictions is akin to an electoral forecheck (for those who are not hockey fans, a forecheck is the act of knocking opposing players out of the way of the goal, giving your shooter a clear lane to fire the puck) that in intended to enable them ensure victory in 2008 by any means necessary . It’s easier to cheat if somebody blindfolds the referee.

If the liberals get their way, and we get states that allow people to vote without verification of their identity most of us will have a good idea of how Mr. Beatty’s character felt in the film Deliverance.

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