Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Degrees For Sale in NY

"...It was sawbucks-for-sheepskins at Touro College, according to a shocking new Manhattan indictment.

For at least four years, a pair of greedy college administrators pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes from former students who wanted to change F's into A's on their Touro transcripts, prosecutors charge.

But the accusations get even worse. The two administrators are also charged with awarding fictitious degrees to "graduates" who had never once stepped foot in any of the New York-based international college's 29 locations." (source)

Degrees like a Masters in Special Education for $3000 --and some of the "teachers" that have these degrees pieces of paper are still teaching in Brooklyn and Queens. Another fake degree offered: physician's-assistant...

"We're hoping there aren't any people out there assisting in surgeries without the proper degree," District Attorney Robert Morgenthau said.

This from the college's website:

"Touro continues to perform due diligence regarding this matter. We have the utmost faith in the integrity of our academic degrees. We will continue to work to ensure the public trust in Touro College, which now educates over 23,000 students in 29 locations in the United States and abroad." (source)

Here's a question...How did the Professors not realize that people were getting degrees from their Department without taking the classes? Especially a PA program?

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