Thursday, July 19, 2007

The "Bum Pincher"

Okay, I realize the men will be of no use on this post... And I realize the girl in the picture does in deed have a very nice bum, but the bathing suit is ridiculous. It looks like a regular bikini that rode up and is giving her a wedgy. Why not just wear a thong at that point?

"It is halfway between a sensible bikini pant (which offers extensive coverage of the bottom) and a thong.

Its colloquial name is a 'bum pincher': whether that's derived from what it does to you, or what it makes men want to do to you, is open to debate.

Either way, as all real women will surely agree, the bum pincher is just another trend pioneered by stick-thin celebrities, which is guaranteed to make the rest of us feel fat and inadequate.

Even on stars, however, there is a satisfying feeling that the bum pincher is not a garment which is going to flatter you once you start actually walking around." (source)

I am not uptight about women that want to showcase their junk. Actually I heartily encourage all the younger girls to dress skimpily while you still can. Even if you have the bod for it when you’re older with just end up looking like Peg Bundy.

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