Saturday, July 14, 2007

Blogiversary: 3 Years

So, a little bummed that I didn’t make it to the 1,000,000 mark by this anniversary, but it’s pretty close so I guess I’ll try to get over it ;) I was thinking of all the things that have changed since I inadvertently embarked on this endeavor three whole years ago...

The Name: Moby Rebuttal. What was I thinking? Why would I even give an ounce of credence to some annoying little man/ Someone that lies about singing with bands that claim he never did so he can say he was part of the hardcore scene? Thankfully someone pointed out that I needed to change the name pretty early into it all (I wish I could remember who, but I lost all those Blogger comments when I hacked in Haloscan).

The Crowd: Many of the original inhabitants have dropped out of the blogosphere. I miss Ghost being around--Big&Mean and redleg too (though I’m glad he’s been popping in the grotto). I thought of Cig the other day at a party when I used one of his famous Grotto quotes about Mike’s hard lemonade. Bonnie, Desult (who is now in Iraq), Tom M. and even LeftyJones, TWD, RBP and JB...

Some of the pilgrims are still around and that kinda rules - AFSis, Jinxy, Free, Jpck, Alix, Nimbus, G-Man, Tammi all came in pretty early.

But things change and we have acquired more than our share of new sharp, witty people here. I am so glad there are so many people that stepped up and filled the void. We have gained two great new voices in Dr. Tony and Brian Cherry. I'm so excited about having them both writing here!

The Blog: When I started I was writing one post a day. Mainly an essay on whatever was on my mind. I had no idea how to write html, no clue how to use Photoshop, and no expectation of ever having anyone come and read.

The Ads: I shake my head when people ask me about starting a blog to make money. Unless you’re Perez Hilton or Michelle Malkin...don’t count on it. I recently joined Blogads as a way to break even on the site and hopefully get my own URL. I have to say though, when I open my email and see “new blogad submitted” it’s a rush. Someone is willing to pay their hard earned money to reach the kind of people they think hang at my place and that’s kinda cool. I also like being able to donate the space to military causes/charities.

As many of you know, I often struggle with the "why” of my motivation for doing this. Do I need a "voice”? Do I need attention? Do I have aspirations (Read: delusions) of being hired by FDT’s campaign? Am I taking from my family for a virtual world? I have gone over all these questions and more 1,000 times, but what I always come back to is that I enjoy it and like this little slice of the blogosphere and all its inhabitants. I try not to be online during the day and write my posts late after the kids are in bed and The Man and I have spent some time together. It took me awhile, but I think I have achieved a harmony between the virtual and the tangible.

I would love to do what I did for my 1 yr. blogiversary post and say something about each and every contributor here, but each time I attempt to do that I inadvertently leave someone out... So thank you all for making this a place I am proud of and enjoy hanging out at!

I know it's early, but who's up for a glass of Dom?

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