Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Best Edwards Article Yet...

John Edwards and his wife are playing the gender card...accusing Hillary of "acting like a man" while Edwards is primping, preening and paying $400 for a (bad) haircut. I guess he was aiming to show his feminine side with the new Esquire cover (look at the headline over his head):

"...Last week, Mrs. Edwards was questioning Mrs. Clinton's femininity, as well as her willingness to champion "women's issues."

Mrs. Edwards suggested Mrs. Clinton might be behaving "like a man" because she is trying to assure voters she is "as good as a man."

The question of whether John Edwards could become the first woman president was first raised in a March 8 New York Sun article. The article was cited by Limbaugh, who has referred to Edwards as "the Breck girl," because of his famous, well-coifed mane.

"Toni Morrison famously dubbed President Clinton America's 'first black president,' the article said. "With that barrier broken, the comments of a prominent feminist are provoking debate about who may lay a similar claim to the title of America's first woman president."

It continued: "The candidate being touted as a torchbearer for women is not Senator Clinton, but one of her former colleagues, John Edwards. At a rally near the University of California, Berkeley, campus this week, a veteran of the abortion-rights movement, Kate Michelman, asked and answered the question she gets most frequently about her decision to back the male former senator from North Carolina."

"Why John Edwards, given the historic nature of our extraordinary campaign for the presidency this year with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and all the others?" Michelman asked as she warmed up the crowd for Edwards. "I've gotten to know a lot of political leaders over the years that I've been an advocate for women's rights. I know the difference between those who advocate as a political position and those who understand the reality of women's lives." (source)

I'll keep my mouth shut about what he'd be doing if he actually cared about women's issues, because "it's not my place to say"...

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