Friday, July 20, 2007

Babysitter Dilemmas

"A 20-year-old Syracuse woman who left children in her care to go pose for nude photos is facing several charges of endangering the welfare of a child.

Police say Michelle Rendino was supposed to be watching four young girls yesterday when she left them alone and went into the woods near Syracuse's Inner Harbor to have a man take nude photos of her.

A man fishing saw the children crying and called police. When police arrived, the oldest girl - a six-year-old - told police that "Aunt Michelle" went into the woods to take "nasty pictures."

Rendino says she asked the man to take nude photos of her so she could get back at her ex-boyfriend. The children were returned safely to their mother." (source)

And people give me crap because I have yet to leave my 6 and 8 year olds with a non-family member babysitter?

Then there's the 29 year old guy that gave a six year old her was babysitting sleeping pills (source). The daycare worker that left a 4 year old girl in a van for 2 hours (source).

Well, after all these years and trying to block out stories like these --we finally did find a babysitter. The 15 year old daughter of someone The Man has known for years. They live 2 blocks away and she has taken the Red Cross babysitting course and a babysitting/CPR course at a local 2 yr. college.

Of course now I have no idea what one pays a babysitter for watching 2 boys. They are great about going to bed right at 8:30 and then she will have the rest of the night with free long distance, Comcast On Demand and high speed internet... Anyone know the going big city rate?

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