Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4 July 2007

To be perfectly honest, I'm not feeling all that patriotic today... I guess it's because I can't shake the feeling that at least a third of the country would be willing to tear up the document signed 231 years ago today and allow Sharia law to prevail so no one's feeling got hurt. Too cynical?

In other news, I am off to take pictures of my little one walking and performing with the karate school in the local parade. He's so excited. This year I will remember the bottled water...

I have no idea what's happening today. BBQ with the family? No clue. The reason is because I didn't organize it and if I don't no plan is made until an hour before. My mom always said I should have been a wedding planner and throughout high school she called me "the social director". If we do end up BBQ-ing with the fam, I have a new tortellini salad I'm dying to make...

If we end up hanging at the homestead, I guess I'll be helping The Man decorate a cake. Yes, you read that right. He had an online challenge to create the best 4th of July flag cake and he decided to accept. Apparently some Oprah magazine food critic is judging. The cake idea is virtually unbeatable, so if it turns out as envisioned and he doesn't spank all the other contestants...I'll know it was rigged.

Alright, the real reason I'm crabby is this annual parade has ruined the day for me. The main road is used for the parade and the traffic is detoured to our street from 7 am - 12 pm. Non-locals then realize it's a handy little way to avoid some traffic lights in the future. Each year (we've been here over 5 now) we gain about 10% more traffic after the detour. The street has big dips with huge signs that say "DIP". I guess people can't read because I guarantee for the next three weeks all the people that discovered the little shortcut today will be flying through catching air like they're Luke and Bo. The kids (not just ours but everyone's) can't ride bikes or skateboard like they could a couple of years ago because of the increased traffic... It's a shame because it makes me dread the 4th and the parade every year.

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