Monday, June 11, 2007

Undefeated Whack-A-Mole Champion

So yesterday, at a local carnival, Liz was a first hand observer to one of my many useless talents... I have never lost to someone else at Wack-A-Mole. I feel bad when all the 16+ slots are full and all the little kids think they have a shot. I am generous though and I only play twice to win each of my spawn something (Sumo Patrick and Peter from Family Guy) and then we move on. Unfortunately all the things I am the best at mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things --but this particular talent does impress my little ones...

Now, for the more important matter at hand. The funnel cake. The real reason we went to the fair in the smoldering heat. These fairs (fetes, carnivals) usually have a Pennsylvania Dutch cart selling crispy funnel cake smothered in powder sugar that you burn your entire palette scarffing down because it's too good to wait until it cools. This was our primary mission --as the opportunity usually only comes around once a year. Soon after our arrival we scoped out the stand, The Man took the boys to ride the Dragon Wagon and we bee-lined to buy our tickets. When we got to the table there was a big "No Trans-Fat" sign...

"Does it taste the same?" I asked the ticket lady.
"Are you sure? Can funnel cake be good without the trans-fat?"
"It tastes the same," she insisted.
"We really want the trans-fat," Liz added with a laugh.

It DID NOT taste the same. It was pasty and virtually tasteless (even the powdered sugar couldn't prevail over the blandness). Just to be sure I made The Man try it. He agreed and no one ate more than a bite ($4.50ea.)

A sad day for carnival tradition here in Pennsylvania.

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