Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Those Evil, American Soldiers At It Again...

"The nine-year old boy would most certainly lose his leg. Given the prohibitive cost of medical care and his family’s lack of resources, amputation and a life of pain and dependence seemed inevitable. The Iraqi boy’s father was resigned to that conclusion.
Then two soldiers got involved and hope arrived along with them.

Sgt. Donald R. Campbell [on his 3rd combat deployment] and Capt. Geoffrey Dutton, both Georgia natives, brought coalition and Iraqi resources together to give an Iraqi boy hope after a chance encounter during a routine patrol in Kirkuk, Iraq..." (Read this great story)

Now, before the troop-haters say that the boy's leg was probably injured by coalition bombs or fire in the first place...it wasn't. He was shot twice at a wedding replete with traditional (read: insane) Iraqi celebratory gunfire.

"As for the boy’s father, he’s no longer resigned to the inevitable. As importantly, his distrust of coalition forces has been replaced by gratitude.

“Sgt. Campbell and the others were always by me and always helped me,” said the boy’s father through an interpreter. “They came to my house to treat and clean the leg and help when no one else would,” he said. “This is all to get my son help. For that, I’m grateful.”

As my little one would say...Sweet.

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